A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2812

“Shut up, you dare to disobey orders, don’t you?”

Suo Xing Yue glared at Zhu Zhu and said!

“Master, this Jia Ling County’s pill refiner examination ground requires a minimum of third grade upper level pill master qualification, do you think this guy is qualified?”

“My current pill refining realm has only just reached this standard, this fellow is definitely not enough.”

“It would be a waste of time for me to take him there ……”

Zhu Zhu simply despised Kai, thinking that Kai’s realm was low and his pill refining level was definitely not good enough!

“If you’re told to go, then you go, where’s all the talk?” Suo Xing Yue got angry and her face was very gloomy!

Seeing that her master was really angry, Zhu Zhu could only stop talking!

“Mr. Chen don’t mind, this disciple of mine has been spoiled by me ……” Suo Xingyue apologized and said!

“No matter!” Kai smiled lightly, “But this friend of mine, I have to trouble Elder Suo.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Chen, when my senior brother and the others return, we will consult immediately.”

Suo Xingyue assured!

Kai followed Na Zhu Zhu away, then headed towards the Pill Master Examination Grounds in Jialing County!

Kai was not familiar with Jialing County, so he could only follow behind Na Zhu Zhu the whole way!

Zhu Zhu was cold-faced and didn’t say a word to Kai!

Just as Kai was walking towards the examination ground, halfway there, they suddenly saw a man dressed in white robes, holding a long sword and elegantly dressed!

Beside the man, there were a few girls laughing and joking around, looking like they were shopping!

After seeing the man, Zhu Zhu’s eyes immediately lit up and she directly chased after him saying, “Big Brother Meng ……”

The man turned his head and saw Zhu Zhu, smiled slightly and said, “Zhu Zhu, why do you have time to come out shopping, doesn’t your master not allow you to come out?”

“I was taking someone to the examination ground, to take the pill refiner test, I didn’t expect to meet you, it’s really great, I …… I’ve missed you for the past two days, I even dreamt about you yesterday!”

When Zhu Zhu finished speaking, her face suddenly turned red with shame!
When Kai looked at Zhu Zhu’s look, he instantly understood that this girl must like the man in front of her!

However, the man’s eyes were very plain and he left the subject aside and said, “Zhu Zhu, is this the new junior brother that your master has taken in for you?”

“The young man is also considered a talent ……”

The man said, walked up to Kai and sized him up, “Hello, my name is Meng He.”

“Hello, my name is Kai!” Kai could only introduce himself as well!

But when Meng He heard the word Kai, he suddenly froze, then frowned slightly and said, “Kai, why is that so familiar?”

Soon, Meng He’s eyes suddenly widened and he stared at Kai, “You …… You are the Kai who was said by Elder Shi to possess three Heavenly Thunder Fruits?”

Kai looked at Meng He like that and didn’t say anything, neither denying nor affirming!

However, Kai knew that the fact that he possessed the Heavenly Thunder Fruits was believed to have spread to everyone very soon!

Seeing that Kai did not say anything, Meng He guessed that this matter was true, so his eyes were full of envy and said, “I did not expect you to have three Heavenly Thunder Fruits at such a young age, I really envy you ……”

“Brother Meng, what are the Heavenly Thunder Fruits?” Zhu Zhu asked curiously!

“It’s just a medicinal herb, it’s nothing!” Meng He explained casually!

“It’s just a medicinal herb, if Brother Meng likes it, I’ll give it to you, we have all kinds of medicinal herbs in the Danyang Sect.”

Zhu Zhu said very innocently!

Meng He just smiled, but didn’t say anything!

Instead, Kai said to Zhu Zhu, “Miss Zhu Zhu, we’d better hurry up ……”

Zhu Zhu gave Kai a blank look, then looked at Meng He with an ambiguous face and said, “Brother Meng, I’ll take him to the examination first, and I’ll come and play with you sometime.”

Meng He nodded, and then left with a few girls by his side.

Zhu Zhu looked at Meng He’s back and watched with flowery fascination until Meng He’s figure disappeared, and only then did she react!


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