A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2810

And in the darkened street, several cultivators were in a state of embarrassment!

These few were just trying to take advantage of the fire, but they didn’t expect things to go the way they expected!

Originally, they had thought that a fifth-ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm beating a second-ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm was as easy as an adult beating a child!

As long as the man got the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, they could get a piece of the pie if they threatened him!

But they had never imagined that the one who was beaten to the ground and begged for mercy would be the fifth ranked cultivator!

This was the moment they really saw the strength of Kai!

They were all secretly glad that they had not rashly attacked Kai!

Kai looked coldly at those cultivators who had ill intentions, scaring them so much that they dodged their eyes and dared not look at Kai!

“This little friend, we are just out for a long night and have no desire to sleep.”

“Right, we were just casually strolling around, nothing more!”

“I see there are still taverns with lights on up ahead, let’s go and have a drink ……”

A few of the cultivators scrambled to explain, then quickly left!

Kai, however, did not care about them, but turned around and walked back to his small courtyard!

After returning to his room, Liu Ruyan asked, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, someone was spying on the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, but they were chased away by the people of Jialing County!”

“Private fights are not allowed in this Jialing County, so they wouldn’t dare to make a move on me.”

Kai explained!

“That’s good, since it’s alright, let’s go back to sleep!”

Liu Ruyan finished and blushed as she went up and hugged Kai!

Kai also smiled, he knew that this girl Liu Ruyan had gotten a taste of sweetness.

Kai rolled over and another night of spring breeze passed …………

The next day!

Kai was going to take Yih to Soh Sing Moon to see if Soh Sing Moon had a way to get rid of the poison in Yih’s body!

Suo Xing Yue’s and their Danyang Clan lived in the most luxurious mansion in that part of the Pill Master Association’s compound!

Kai took Yi He to the Pill Master Association, and the huge gatehouse in front of him showed off the grandeur of the Pill Master Association, thus showing how much importance Jia Ling County attached to the Pill Master Association!

Kai led Yi He to the door, where two third-ranked cultivators of the Harmony Realm were guarding the door.

“The Pill Master Association has not yet opened, no idle people are allowed inside ……”

A guard stopped Kai and Yih and said!

“Brother guard, I have a token here ……”

Kai said, pulling out So Xing Yue’s token!

The guard looked at the token before nodding and saying “Go in, the Danyang Sect’s residence is in the third building on the left hand side, don’t just stray, understand?”

“Understood ……”

Kai nodded and then led Yi He into the Pill Master’s Association!

According to what the guard said, Kai found the residence of the Danyang Sect, which was allowed to stay inside the Pill Master Association because it was acting as the judge, while those clans that were participating could only stay outside!

The entrance to the Danyang Sect’s residence was also guarded, so it could be said to be very heavily guarded.

Kai took out his token and also entered the residence without any problems, and then took Yih to sit down in the living room!

“Mr. Chen, is it Mr. Chen who is here?”

Not long after, Suo Xingyue’s voice came, followed by the sight of Suo Xingyue rushing in!

After seeing Kaizhi, Suo Xingyue was filled with joy.

At this moment, behind Suo Xingyue, there was also a young and beautiful looking girl in her twenties!

The girl kept sizing up Kai!

“Zhu Zhu, this Mr. Chen is the benefactor who saved me from the demonic cultivator halfway through the journey, hurry up and salute ……”

Suo Xing Yue said to the girl behind her!

“Master, this guy looks like he’s only at the second level of the Combined Body realm, he’s not as strong as me, what did he take to save you? You can’t be remembering wrong, right?”

Zhu Zhu looked at Kai, the realm wasn’t that high, how could he have saved Suo Xingyue from the demon cultivator!


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