A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2809

Just as Kai was about to make his move, a breeze suddenly blew by and the spirit fire on Kai’s palm instantly went out.

Immediately afterwards, a figure descended from the sky and said, “Little friend, don’t fight and kill in Jialing County, otherwise you will be severely punished.”

Only when the figure landed in front of Kai did he see that it was the same Lord Yan that he had met in the South Ring during the day!

The appearance of the other party instantly put a lot of pressure on Kai!

However, Kai still said, “Lord Yan, it was the other party that started it, trying to rob me and kill me.

“If I were the one who was defeated now, my life might have been lost long ago ……”

Looking at Kai like that, Lord Yan smiled lightly and said “Even if you lost the battle and couldn’t beat him, do you think he could kill you.”

“Do you really think that the rules of my Jia Ling County are just for show? If a mere forbidden formation can do whatever it wants in my Jialing County, then my Jialing County’s face would have been disgraced long ago ……”

Hearing Lord Yan’s words, Kai instantly understood, it seemed that this Lord Yan had been here again a long time ago, and the process of their hands had been watched clearly!

Even if Kai was defeated, he could not have been killed, Lord Yan would have done the same!

The reason why this Lord Yan did not appear first to stop the conflict was most likely because he was deliberately observing his own strength!

Thinking of this, a cold sweat emerged on Kai’s forehead, this Lord Yan was here, but Kai did not even notice it, so it was clear that the other party was much stronger than himself!

In that case, the strength of that Lord of Jialing County should be even higher, and Kai had no idea, just how strong this Jialing County was!

If that Lord of Jialing County also got greedy and wanted his own Heavenly Thunder Fruit, then it would be really dangerous!

Kai was afraid that he would not have the slightest room to resist, nor would he be able to escape from this County Jialing at all!

Now Kai regretted humiliating Shi Tieqiao and exposing the fact that he possessed the Heavenly Lightning Fruit!

“Lord Yan, Lord Yan, I was wrong, I was wrong …………”

The man hurriedly crawled over on his knees after seeing Lord Yan!

Lord Yan coldly glanced at the man and said “Blatantly breaking the rules, this is not putting my Jia Ling County in your eyes.”

“Since you despise my county, then don’t participate in our Pill Master’s Meeting in Jialing County, take your clan’s people and get out of Jialing County, and never allow them to enter again!”

“If I ever find your people entering Jialing County again, kill without amnesty ……”

Lord Yan’s words caused the man to instantly sit down on the ground, if they couldn’t participate in the Pill Master Meeting, then their clan’s strength would be greatly reduced, and they would have to be surpassed by many pill refining clans by then!

But who let themselves be greedy and violate the rules of Jialing County!

This is a self-inflicted sin ……

The man rudely stood up and finally slowly disappeared into the depths of the alley!

“Little friend’s strength is really impressive!”

“But don’t worry, within Jialing County, no one will be able to snatch what you have, I can still guarantee that.”

Lord Yan said with a faint smile.

“Many thanks to Lord Yan!” Kai said!

“No need to say thank you, this is my duty, not just you, but anyone who enters my county of Jialing.”

After Lord Yan finished speaking, his figure slowly disappeared!

At this moment, Kai finally understood why this Jia Ling County was so prosperous and filled with all kinds of gambling, after all, if you come here to play, no matter you win or lose, your life is guaranteed!

After Lord Yan had left, Kai’s gaze looked out into the dark streets and slowly walked out of the alley!

Kai’s eyes were cold and his face held a few chills!


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