A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2807

“Don’t worry, even if that Thunder Eagle King knows, he wouldn’t dare to make a move within Jialing County, as long as we don’t walk out of here we’ll be fine!”

“I will find a way to restore your strength and give you an antidote to the poison here.”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“If my strength is restored, together with a few of you, I won’t be afraid of that Thunder Eagle King!”

Yih said!

“Alright, all rest, there is a way to the mountain, no need to think so much!”

Kai comforted the crowd and told everyone to rest!

For the whole day, Kai and the others never went out again, and the crowd that had gathered outside the door slowly dispersed.

When it was time for the evening, Liu Ruyan came up to Kai again!

Of course Kai knew what Liu Ruyan wanted, so he rolled over and pressed up!

Just as the two of them were entwined, Liu Ruyan was dying for more, but Kai suddenly stopped!

“What’s wrong?” Liu Ruyan asked!

“There’s someone outside ……”

Kai was keenly aware that someone had sneaked inside the courtyard!

When Liu Ruyan heard this, her face turned red with shame, if there was someone outside, wouldn’t that sound just now have been overheard!

Kai got up, put on his clothes and walked straight towards the outside of the room!

Liu Ruyan wanted to follow, but was stopped by Kai, because he didn’t know who was outside, if Liu Ruyan also followed and rashly went out and was controlled by the other party, Kai would be very passive!

After walking out of the room, Kai scanned the courtyard for a week and then walked straight out of the courtyard to a small alley not far away!

“Come out, sneaking into someone’s home in the middle of the night, this is not what a gentleman would do!”

Kai said as he entered the alleyway and then turned around sharply, looking at the empty alleyway!

“Hahahaha, I was originally heading for the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, but I didn’t expect to hear such a good show!”

Along with a hahaha laugh, a human figure slowly appeared from the void.

This person was dressed in black strong clothing, had some beard, looked to be in his fifties, and had an aura that enveloped around him, the fifth rank of the Combined Body Realm realm!

It looked like this person was trying to seal the place off so that Kai wouldn’t escape!

“What can I do if I hear it? You can only hear but not see, won’t that kill you?”

Kai said with a cold smile!

“Hmph, I’ve played with thousands of women, how could I possibly be in a hurry!”

“Originally, I didn’t know how to lay hands on you, but now you yourself have even come to this remote place, is this creating an opportunity for me?”

The man looked at Kai coldly and said!

“You want to make a move to rob me of the Heavenly Thunder Fruit?” Kai asked!

“Not bad, if you voluntarily hand over the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, I can spare your life and save me the trouble of doing it.”

“But if you don’t hand it over, then don’t blame me for being impolite, when the time comes, I will kill you and then melt you with the Bone Etching Scatter, so that you will completely disappear from this world!”

The man threatened at Kai!

Kai did not care about the man’s threat, but gave the man a glance and said “You are a medicine master?”

Kai’s words caused the man to be visibly stunned, and then he said with a face full of confusion, “You know me?”

“No, I just guessed, I didn’t expect that you were really a medicine master!”

Kai was just guessing, but he didn’t want the man to fall for it.

When the man saw that he had been tricked by Kai, he said with a fierce face, “Kid, don’t be so sharp-tongued, give me the Heavenly Thunder Fruit quickly!”

“If I don’t hand it over, do you dare to do it? This is Jialing County, it’s forbidden to do anything in the city, you won’t violate the rules of Jialing County, will you?”

Kai said emboldened!

“Hmph, kid you are too naive, thinking that with the rules of Jialing County in place, you are emboldened and no one dares to make a move against you?”

“If I kill you now and then destroy the corpse afterwards, who will know that I made a move?”

The man snorted coldly!


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