A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2806

As the saying goes, a man is not guilty of anything, so now that it is known that Kai has the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, there is no telling how many people will hit him!

“Since you’ve admitted defeat, then get lost, if I see you again, I’ll have your life!”

Kai scolded Shi Tieqiao viciously, then picked up the bet and left!

He had to get out of here as soon as possible, if he stayed any longer, someone might get desperate and that would be a problem!

Seeing this, Liu Ruyan and the Third Elder and the others also hurriedly followed Kai and left.

But even when Kai left, there were quite a few people following behind him, probably wanting to see where Kai had landed!

As Shi Tieqiao watched Kai leave in some panic, he revealed a smug smile, his aim was to tell everyone that Kai had the Heavenly Thunder Fruit on him!

After Kai and the others had left, Shi Tieqiao also wanted to take the old crone and leave, but was shouted at by Lord Yan!

“Elder Shih stay ……”

Lord Yan said!

“Lord Yan, is there anything else?” Shi Tieqiao asked!

“Elder Shi, that youngster called Kai you mentioned just now, does he really have three Heavenly Thunder Fruits on him?”

Lord Yan asked to Elder Shi!

“Of course, I can’t lie!”

Shi Tieqiao nodded and said!

“He is only at the second level of the Combined Body Realm, how could he possibly pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, I’m afraid he can’t even enter the Eagle King Cave?”

“And you’re in such a mess, what the hell happened?”

Lord Yan asked Shi Tieqiao!

But Shi Tieqiao’s expression was a little hesitant, seemingly unwilling to talk about it, after all, he was kind of tricked by Kai, it was too humiliating!

Seeing this, Lord Yan took out a bag of spirit coins from his body and threw it to Shi Tieqiao, continuing “Elder Shi, no matter what difficulties you have encountered, since you have arrived in my county of Jialing, we should treat each other with courtesy.”

“You will rest well in Jialing County, so for all your spending, just mention my name directly.”

“Many thanks to Lord Yan!” Seeing this, Shi Tieqiao hurriedly thanked him and then told the story of Kai picking three Heavenly Thunder Fruits!

But only briefly, not mentioning that he had lost the three pterodactyls, and that he had been teased by Kai!

“A mere second grade realm of the Combined Body Realm, to have such a strong physical body that is not even afraid of the thunderbolt power of the Heavenly Lightning Tree?”

“But this Thunder Eagle King was also careless, leaving the Eagle King Cave and not sending more experts to protect the Heavenly Lightning Tree!”

Lord Yan was astonished!

“Perhaps the Thunder Eagle King didn’t expect that someone could easily resist the blast from the Heavenly Lightning Tree either.”

Shi Tieqiao said!

“I wonder what the Thunder Eagle King’s expression will be when he finds out that he has lost his Heavenly Thunder Fruit.”

Lord Yan smiled playfully, then with an arch of his hand, he said “Thank you, Elder Shi, I’ll take my leave ……”

Lord Yan left, and Shi Tieqiao followed the old crone to find a place to rest!

And Kai returned to the small courtyard where they lived, many people followed them, and Kai had no way to drive them away!

“Mr. Chen, I think you should try to go out less in the future, you’re probably going to become a celebrity now!”

Yih said to Kai!

“Right, thanks to this being in Jialing County, no one dares to make a move, if it was anywhere else, I guess for the sake of the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, those people would have made a move already.”

The Third Elder also nodded his head and said!

“It seems that from now on, I’m afraid that this small courtyard won’t be quiet!”

Liu Ruyan said somewhat depressed!

It would be too inconvenient if there were people guarding the outside of the courtyard all day long, especially if she and Kai slept at night, wouldn’t it be a shame if they were overheard!

“Don’t mind those people, just do what you have to do, just do what you have to do, anyway, here, they don’t dare to make a move!”

Kai said indifferently!

“I’m afraid that the news will reach the ears of the Thunder Eagle King, if he finds out that Mr. Chen has picked his Heavenly Thunder Fruit, he will definitely not be willing to give up.

Ich said with some worry!


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