A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2805

Shi Tieqiao wants the rules to overpower Kai because he doesn’t want to follow him at all and he can’t beat him!

Right now, he just wanted to get some spirit coins so that he could have a place to stay and change his clothes!

“Can’t a lower realm cultivator compete at a higher realm cultivator? What kind of rules are these?”

Kai asked!

“Yes, the reason why the county lord of Jialing County set the rank setting for each ring is to prevent cultivators of higher realms from bullying cultivators of lower realms, but it did not say that those of lower realms are not allowed to challenge those of higher realms.”

The Third Elder said loudly!

Hearing the Third Elder’s words, everyone else was also talking.

“It’s true that I’ve never heard of it, but I’ve never seen it either, what kind of fool would come to a high realm ring to compete!”

“Isn’t there just one here, a second rank of the Harmony Realm realm, how dare he run to this ring and challenge a fifth rank of the Harmony Realm cultivator, isn’t he looking for death?”

“I really don’t understand, is this guy following a brain problem?”

The crowd was discussing, while Shi Tieqiao looked at the guards under the ring and said “Brothers, isn’t it against the rules for him to come to the South Ring to challenge a second ranked cultivator?”

These guards, apart from guarding the ring and preventing people from fighting outside the ring, were also the judges’ interest, and if someone broke the rules, they would not hesitate to take him away!

Just like that Gao Qijie, who had clearly landed outside the ring, and even tried to run up to the ring to follow Kai in the fight, he was stopped by the guards just in time!

“This …………”

A few of the guards were also a little confused, when the rank divisions were set up to prevent any high realm ones from running up and bullying the low realm ones!

Something like this where a low realm crossed over to challenge a high realm had never happened at all, and they didn’t know if this was against the rules!

Just as a few of the guards didn’t know how to reply, a middle-aged man in a blue satin tunic walked over!

Upon seeing this middle-aged man, the guards immediately saluted and said, “Lord Yan ……”

Lord Yan nodded, then looked at the stage and said to Shi Tieqiao, “Elder Shi, although this ring is divided into rank restrictions, it only restricts higher ranked cultivators from oppressing lower ranked cultivators!”

“As for this situation today, it is not considered a violation of the rules, you can have a normal competition ……”

After this Lord Yan finished speaking, he then kept sizing up Kai, he was curious how a cultivator who was only at the second rank of the Harmony Realm dared to come to this ring and challenge Shi Tieqiao who was at the fifth rank of the Harmony Realm.

“Hear that, it doesn’t count as breaking the rules, the two of us can have a match ……”

Kai said with a cold smile!

Shi Tieqiao looked at Kai, his face turned blue with anger, and finally coldly snorted, “Kai, I am a fifth grade cultivator of the Harmonious Body realm, of course I won’t compete with you, even if I win, it will be considered that I am bullying you, I will just admit defeat!”

“But remember, our Flying Heaven Sect will not spare you, and you must share the three Heavenly Thunder Fruits you picked with me.”

As soon as Shi Tieqiao’s words fell, the crowd was in an uproar, all looking at Kai incredulously!

It was not because Shi Tieqiao had admitted defeat that they were surprised, but because Kai actually had three Heavenly Thunder Fruits in his hand, which made them feel incomparably surprised!

No one would dare to pick them so easily. Besides, the Heavenly Thunder Tree had the power of lightning, so it was not easy to pick them!

Even that Lord Yan’s face changed and he looked at Kai with astonishment, his eyes full of disbelief!

Kai sensed the strange stares of the crowd, and he knew that it was Shi Tieqiao’s intention to say it in public!

In order for Kai to be noticed by everyone!


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