A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2804

But before Kai could even get close enough, they heard people whispering!

“It’s really strange today, you say the Flying Sky Sect is so rich, the titular Flying Sky Sect Elder came to the tournament and fought with us people for that little bet!”

“It’s really true, when I saw that Flying Heaven Sect Elder, I thought it was a caller, his clothes were in tatters, like he had been beaten up.”

“Let’s just watch the fun from the sidelines, now that the Feitian Sect Elder is on stage, no one is stupid enough to compete, even if we can beat that Feitian Sect Elder, but we still have to consider the strength of the Feitian Sect behind us.”

“The main thing is that we travel and have to do the Flying Sky Sect’s airships, really offend the Flying Sky Sect, in restricting our travel, then we really have to walk on two legs!”

The crowd was talking very quietly, but still Kai and the others could really hear it!

“Elders of the Flying Sky Sect? It couldn’t be that Shi Tieqiao and the others have arrived too, could it?”

The Third Elder said!

“It’s possible, let’s go and see if we don’t know!”

Kai and the others pushed hard into the crowd!

Sure enough, they saw Shi Tieqiao standing in the ring, his clothes were indeed a bit torn and tattered, like he had just returned from running for his life!

At this moment, Shi Tieqiao swept a glance at the crowd, and then said with a fist, “Thank you all for your kindness, since there is no one else to compete with, then I will take the bets on this ring ……”

The reason why many people did not go up to the stage to compete with him was not because they were afraid of him and could not beat him, but because they were afraid of the Flying Sky Sect behind him, so there was no need to offend the Flying Sky Sect for the sake of a little bet!

Shi Tieqiao had no choice but to come to this ring to get some spirit coins, they were being chased by that Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk, killing and injuring many cultivators, Shi Tieqiao and that old crone had a lucky life and escaped to Jialing County!

They had no money and Shi Tieqiao couldn’t even change his clothes, so he had to go to the ring and win some bets so that he could change his clothes and find a place to rest before thinking about how to report to the Sovereign!

After all, losing three pterodactyls was a serious crime, and Shi Tieqiao and the old woman hadn’t dared to inform the Flying Heaven Clan yet!

Kai looked at Shi Tieqiao in the ring and couldn’t help but laugh out loud, he didn’t expect this guy to have escaped the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk’s pursuit!

But this wretched appearance was really ridiculous!

Just as Shi Tieqiao picked up his bet and was about to get out of the ring, a voice suddenly rang out.

“Elder Shi, I have some itchy hands and would like to follow Elder Shi to learn a few moves ……”

At that moment, Kai stepped out from the crowd and then leapt on top of the ring!

When Shi Tieqiao saw Kai, he was furious and anxious, his face full of anger!

“Kai, you untrustworthy fellow, how dare you lie to us, you shall not be allowed to die ……”

Shi Tieqiao gnashed his teeth and said to Kai!

“That’s your own bogeyman, what does it have to do with me.”

Kai said with the corner of his mouth raised!

“I …………” Shi Tieqiao was furious and raised his hand to strike!

But just as he raised his hand, he dropped it again, because he knew that he was no match for Kai!

If he really fought in the ring, he would definitely lose, and then the bet would be lost, and he would be laughed at, and the Flying Heaven Sect would lose face!

“I have things to do today, so I won’t fight you, but remember, my Flying Sky Sect will not spare you.”

Shi Tieqiao snorted coldly and was about to get out of the ring!

“You can’t leave, I’m in a tournament, if you get out of the ring, you’ll be considered as having lost and have to leave this bet behind!”

Kai said with a smile!

“I’m not going to compete with you ……” Shi Tieqiao said, and continued to walk towards the bottom of the ring!

“To compare or not to compare, you can’t say it, this is the rule of the ring, you have to compete on the stage.”

Kai stopped Shi Tieqiao!

Shi Tieqiao looked at Kai and gritted his teeth in anger, but he couldn’t beat Kai, there was nothing he could do!

“Kai, you’re only a second-ranked cultivator of the Combined Body realm, you don’t fit into this ring at all, I won’t bully the small with the big, let alone compete with you.”

Shi Tieqiao could only bring up the rules of the ring to speak, after all, this southern ring was for cultivators of the fourth to sixth rank of the Harmony Realm.


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