A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2803

“Benefactor, you don’t need to persuade me either, to lag behind is to be eliminated, and our ancient body refining clan is ready to disappear completely.”

“Take this jade token, I’m afraid that I won’t have the chance to leave the Extreme North Land this time, the Gao Family has hijacked all the resources in the Extreme North Land, I’ve come all the way to Jialing County this time because I want to win some spirit coins and resources by the ring and bring them back so that our Ancient Body Refining Clan can breathe.”

“Now it seems that after I go back, our Ancient Body Refining Clan can only wait for the massacre of the Gao Family ……”

After finishing his sentence, Wajang dropped two tears, and after stuffing the jade pendant into Kai’s hand, he turned around and left!

Looking at Wajang’s back, Kai’s heart also seemed to feel a little bad, so he chased after him in two steps!

“Wait a minute ……”

Kai shouted the tile jar to a halt!

“Benefactor, is there anything else?”

Wajang looked at Kai and asked!

“Do you have something like a storage bag?” Kai asked!

Wajang nodded “I brought a storage bag with me this time, I wanted to carry various resources.”

“Take it out ……” said Kai!

The tile tank was stunned, then took out the storage bag and said, “Benefactor, if you want this storage bag, then I’ll give it to you as well, maybe I won’t need it in the future.”

With that, he handed over the pouch to Kai!

He misunderstood Kai and thought that he wanted the pouch!

But Kai smiled and didn’t explain, instead he opened his storage bag and then threw all the spirit coins and resources he had won in his storage ring into the bag in one go!

“This is the tens of millions of spirit coins from today’s fight, and quite a few resources, you can take them back, it should be enough for your Ancient Body Refining Clan to live on for a while.”

“If I have the chance and time, I will definitely go to the Extreme North to see your Ancient Body Refining Clan, your Ancient Body Refining Clan is not without the slightest merit, don’t be discouraged, try hard and persevere, you can still soar to immortality.”

Kai comforted the tile jar!

Tile jar looked at Kai, holding the storage bag in his hand, and instantly tears flowed out of his eyes!

A big, strong man, but he was crying like a child!

It wasn’t easy to feel such concern in a society like the Celestial Realm where the weak are strong and the strong are strong!

After the tile jar left, Kai threw the jade token into his storage ring!

Although it was a good thing, Kai still had a lot of things to take care of right now, and he didn’t have time to go to the Extreme North Land to find the treasures of the Ancient Body Refining Clan!

“Kai, I can’t see that you’re still warm-hearted, tens of millions of spirit coins and resources have been given away, so it looks like we’ll have to continue living in that small courtyard.”

Liu Ruyan looked at Kai and said with a playful smile!

Looking at Liu Ruyan’s smile, Kai knew what was on her mind, this must be another flashback of the night’s events!

“This warm-heartedness of Mr. Chen is already rare in the Celestial Realm ……”

The Third Elder complimented Kai!

“Well, just don’t praise me, since the spirit coins have been given away, then you are earning them back ……”

“Let’s go have a few more matches and we’ll win it back!”

Kai said with a smile!

“Mr. Chen, you’re still going, you’ve made a name for yourself, so I guess no one will compete with you if you go again.”

Yih said to Kai!

“Then we won’t go to the east ring’s, let’s go to the south ring’s to see ……”

Kai said and walked towards the south ring!

The south ring was prepared for cultivators from the fourth rank of the Harmony Realm to the sixth rank of the Harmony Realm, and although Kai was only the second rank of the Harmony Realm, he wasn’t afraid of encountering a cultivator of the sixth rank of the Harmony Realm!

Before they reached the ring, they could see that there were already many people around the ring!

The ring here was no less lively than the one in the east!


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