A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2801

When Yih saw this scene, he was a bit teary-eyed, not expecting that the Hall Master of the Heavenly Dragon Hall was using the ring to do business!

If he hadn’t been driven out of Demon Emperor City by now, he definitely wouldn’t let Kai do this, wasn’t it just a lack of spirit coins, it would be a small matter to give a billion or eight hundred million directly!

“I’m the first, I’ll go first, I’ll go first ……”

A guy who was only of the first rank of the Combined Body realm, with a thin figure, hurriedly handed over a million spirit coins and hurriedly ran towards the ring!

“Buddy, with your strength of the first grade of the Combination Realm, aren’t you looking for death by going up there?”

Someone said!

“The First Grade of the Combination Realm is looking for death, maybe this guy has long since tired, I’ll go up and slap him out of the ring!”

The skinny guy walked up with confidence!

Kai looked at this monkey-like fellow in front of him and felt a moment of speechlessness!

This was really a case of people dying for money!

For the sake of money, he would not even give up his life!

You know that in the ring, life and death are not important!

“Let’s get the next one up ……”

Kai said towards Liu Ruyan after taking a look at the skinny guy!

“Kid, what do you mean? Looking down on me?”

“I’m still on the stage, we haven’t even competed yet!”

“You let the next person on stage, you are …………”

The skinny guy had an angry look on his face as he chattered on and on, questioning Kai!

Kai was a little impatient and didn’t wait for the skinny guy to finish his sentence, he casually slapped out!

The guy flew a dozen metres away and fell outside the ring!

Luckily, Kai didn’t hit him with his bare hands, if Kai had used more force, the skinny guy would have been a corpse by now!

The crowd laughed at this scene, after all, that guy was only at the first level of the Harmony Realm, and he still wanted to go up to the stage to pick up the slack, it was ridiculous!

Soon, a second-ranked Harmony Realm practitioner came up and attacked Kai as soon as he got on stage!

But Kai didn’t even look at him and said, “Next ……”

As Kai’s words fell, that second-ranked Harmony cultivator was also slapped away by Kai!

In this way, more than ten people went up in a row and were all sent flying by Kai with a slap!

Only then did the crowd react and gradually become calm!

“Damn, this guy turned out to be pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, a second rank of the Combined Body realm, but that strength is not like the strength of a second rank of the Combined Body realm.”

“I’ve seen it all, no wonder he dares to let the crowd bet a million spirit coins with him, he has confidence!”

“Luckily I didn’t go up, this would have been a slap in the face, shame on me ……”

The crowd whispered and all stopped going on stage!

Kai saw that the crowd was not going up to the stage to compete, so he said loudly “Half a million spirit coins, just half a million spirit coins to compete with me.”

“I’ve been fighting for half a day now, I’m already very tired, I don’t have any energy left!”

Kai pretended to be very tired and panted heavily!

Seeing Kai’s pretentious look, Liu Ruyan all but laughed!

She didn’t expect that the always murderous Kai would have such a funny scene!

At this moment, in Liu Ruyan’s heart, she liked Kai even more!

Plus, Kai’s bedside manner was really great, which made her reminisce ……

“Well, since no one dares to compete on stage anymore, I’ll just put these bets away!”

Kai said, putting all the 50 million spirit coins and those resources into his storage ring!

“Mr. Chen, today’s harvest is not small!”

The Third Elder laughed!

“Not a small harvest, we can go and buy a mansion, save you and the Ichthus Demon Emperor from being crammed into a small room.”

Kai said with a smug look on his face!

Amidst the envious gazes of the crowd, Kai and the others took their spirit coins and resources and left!

But they hadn’t gone very far when a man suddenly jumped out and blocked their way.


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