A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2800

Liu Ruyan and the Third Elder were furious and red in the face, while still worrying about Kai!

Although Kai was so strong that he was not even afraid to face a fifth ranked cultivator of the Combined Body realm, now that Kai had been frozen, as long as that Gao Qijie gently slapped his palm, then Kai’s body would be shattered into slag!

“Who said you had won? You’re a little too early to be happy, aren’t you?”

At this moment, Kai’s voice slowly came out!

Gao Qijie was stunned and hurriedly looked at Kai, and found that Kai was still frozen, so he said with a puzzled face “You are frozen, how can you still talk?”

Gao Qijie moved closer to Kai and examined him carefully, he wanted to see how Kai could actually speak!

“Not only can I talk, I can also beat you up ……”

After saying that, the frost on Kai’s body actually melted and disappeared instantly, followed by a slap out!

Gao Qijie was right in front of Kai, carefully watching Kai, simply did not expect the frost would suddenly disappear, much less would he expect Kai to slap over, so there was no one any thought of preparation!


This slap was so powerful that it instantly sent Gao Qijie flying and then fell heavily under the ring!

Gao Qijie slowly got up and looked angrily at Kai, half of his face was already red and swollen!

A few teeth had fallen out in the blood that Gao Qijie spat out!

“Damn it, I’ll kill you ……”

Gao Qijie looked at his fallen teeth and became furious, wanting to rush to the ring and follow Kai to fight for his life!

“How dare you, you’ve already fallen out of the ring, that means you’ve lost, how dare you still get into the ring? Do you want to cause trouble in our Jia Ling County?”

Seeing this, the few guards around the ring immediately rushed over and pointed their weapons at Gao Qijie!

“Third Young Master, don’t be impulsive!”

At this moment, two Gao family servants rushed forward to stop Gao Qijie.

Gao Qijie’s face was furious, then he looked at Kai in the ring and said “Kid, you wait for me, I’ll remember your face ……”

He was not afraid of Gao Qijie’s threats, after all, this guy was from the extreme north, tens of thousands of miles away from here, and after this time, he would probably never have to deal with the Gao family again!

“Third Young Master, we’d better leave here, we need to hurry up and follow the Second Young Master to meet up with him!”

The servant whispered to Gao Qijie!

When he heard this, Gao Qijie said with a displeased face “Second brother is really like that, for the sake of three stinky girls, he disregarded big brother’s orders.”

“If he had come to Jialing County with me, I wouldn’t have been humiliated, and I wouldn’t have been beaten!”

Gao Qijie finished, glaring at Kai once more before following the two servants away!

After Gao Qijie left, Kai swept a glance at the crowd and said “Anyone who wants to compete with me on stage? I can also use these as bets.”

“If any of you go up on stage and lose, I will only charge one million spirit coins, while if you win, it will be fifty million spirit coins, and countless resources!”

As soon as Kai’s words fell, the crowd stirred up!

Just after seeing Kai knock Gao Qijie out of the ring, the crowd was a little scared, but when they heard that they could win 50 million for a million spirit coins and countless resources, it was simply too good a deal!

Besides, when Kai fought Gao Qijie just now, he was in a mess, proving that this guy wasn’t very strong, he was probably just lucky!

“Let me ask for a few moves ……”

“I’ll do it ……”

“I’ll do it too ……”

The crowd all scrambled to get on stage and give this Kai a match!

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Everyone line up, one by one!”

After saying that, Kai looked at Liu Ruyan and said, “Ruyan, you follow the Third Elder and keep watch, those who go on the stage must pay one million dollars before they can come up!”

Liu Ruyan nodded and followed the Third Elder to guard the entrance of the ring and started charging!


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