A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2799

But just as Gao Qijie sneered in triumph, he froze violently, and his smile froze on his face!

The frost that was spreading so rapidly suddenly stopped when it reached Kai’s feet and did not advance any further!

It was as if the frost was afraid of Kai and did not dare to move at all!

“How could this happen?”

Gao Qijie’s brow furrowed, then he let out an explosive shout as a large amount of cold mist once again emerged from one foot and ruthlessly stamped his foot onto the ring!

The cold mist eroded the ring and the frost once again spread forward along the ring!

But this frost bypassed Kai and froze the entire ring!

And within a metre of Kai’s feet, there wasn’t the slightest bit of frost, let alone freezing Kai in place!

Gao Qijie looked at the scene in front of him incredulously, feeling very strange!

“Damn, what a hell, but it’s enough to trap you within this one meter ……”

After Gao Qijie cursed, his body leapt up, followed by a kick towards Kai.

A large amount of cold mist filled the air and enveloped towards Kai!

Kai laughed disdainfully as his body flickered and instantly left the place where he was standing!

This time, Gao Qijie missed with another kick!

Gao Qijie couldn’t help but look at Kai and found that the frost had also disappeared from where Kai was standing!

Wherever Kai went, the frost would disappear, which confused Gao Qijie!

“Looks like this frost of yours is a bit afraid of me ……”

Kai said to Gao Qijie playfully!

“Damn, I still don’t believe it ……”

Gao Qijie gritted his teeth and launched another attack towards Kai!

Kai just dodges, and dodges woefully each time, allowing himself to be almost hit!

This was what made Gao Qijie keep attacking faster and faster!

In the blink of an eye, Gao Qijie kicked out hundreds of kicks, each one brushing Kai’s body!

This made the crowd watching below anxious enough.

“Aiya, why is this guy so stupid, he is so strong at the third rank of the Harmony Realm, but he can’t hit a second rank of the Harmony Realm.”

“I’m dying of anxiety watching this, that kick just now would have hit him if he had leaned a little to the left.”

“I really f*cking want to grip that guy off, I’m on ……”

“Fight, it was so close!”

The crowd below yelled, while Gao Qijie was said to be red-faced and embarrassed!

He wanted to keep fighting too, but the rapid attack he had just made had caused his body to consume a lot of spiritual energy, and by now he was already sweating and panting!

“Are you still going to fight? If you don’t fight, you’ll have to admit defeat, and these bets are all mine!”

Kai said to Gao Qijie!

“Of course I have to fight, if I don’t waste you in a few days, won’t it be an insult to the prestige of my Gao family ……”

After Gao Qijie finished speaking, he once again flew up and kicked at Kai!

And still, Kai did the same old trick again, his body side to side, dodging Gao Qijie’s kick!

But just after Kai dodged the kick, Gao Qijie’s hands, which were behind his back, suddenly threw out two palms towards Kai!

Two extremely cold breaths came towards Kai in a hurry!

The air around him was frozen in this instant, and a blanket of ice floated in mid-air!

Kai was unable to dodge and was instantly frozen by these two extremely cold Qi!

Seeing that Kai was frozen, the corner of Gao Qijie’s mouth lifted and he said, “Hahahaha, let’s see how you can still hide this time ……”

And seeing Gao Qijie use his hands, Liu Ruyan suddenly said angrily “You guy, you don’t keep your word, you said you wouldn’t use your hands, using your hands means you lost.”

“Yes, since the match, we must know the rules of the match, how can you violate the rules under your own top?”

The Third Elder was also furious!

“Hmph, this is called soldiers are not tired of deception, what the hell do you guys know, no matter what, now it’s me who wins!”

Gao Qijie didn’t think anything of it in the face of Liu Ruyan and the Third Elder’s questioning!

Although he didn’t need to use his hands, was what he had said, but he just didn’t admit it now, as long as he could win!


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