A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2797

The tile tank watched as Gao Qijie slapped his palm over without the slightest resistance of his own, so he closed his eyes and waited for the death of the general!

But just as Gao Qijie’s palm was about to land on Wajang, a sudden and tremendous suction force caused Wajang’s body to suddenly fly backwards, followed by a heavy fall outside the ring!

The frost on Wajang’s body also shattered with the fall, allowing Wajang to regain his ability to move!

Gao Qijie didn’t expect this to happen, so he froze, then frowned and glanced around at the crowd, “Who is it that saved this guy?”

Gao Qijie knew that someone must have secretly saved Wajang, otherwise Wajang would be dead!

But now, Wajang had already reached the outside of the ring and had landed, that means Wajang had already lost, Gao Qijie could not make a move against Wajang!

And Wajang was full of doubts, then looked towards the crowd behind him, and when his eyes swept to Kai, they instantly lingered!

Because the aura of that suction force just now followed the aura of Kai’s body, which was surprisingly very similar, and this aura also seemed to carry the aura of the beast race, if any, in it!

Although Wajang sensed that it should have been Kai who had come to his rescue, he did not say anything, after all, if he had saved him, then he would have offended the Gao family!

Kai chose to sneak out, obviously not wanting to offend the Gao family, so Wajang couldn’t say anything about Kai at this time!

The extremely angry Gao Qijie looked at the crowd and saw that no one had admitted it, so he said with a fierce face “Now that Wajang has lost, these spirit coins and resources are mine.”

“I’ll use these things and add 10 million spirit coins to continue the ring, do any of you dare to come on stage and compete with me?”

“That guy who just made a secret move, if you have the guts, come up on stage and compete with me ……”

Gao Qijie didn’t know who it was, so he tempted with this huge bet, causing the person who just helped the tile tank to strike!

The crowd all looked at each other, no one dared to go up on stage, after all they couldn’t even deal with the tile tank, who would dare to deal with this Gao Qijie!

The crowd was also curious about the person who had secretly saved Wajang and wanted to know who he was!

“Mr. Chen, don’t pretend anymore, it’s your turn to fight ……”

The Third Elder looked at Kai with a smile!

Just now Kai had sneaked out, he had already noticed it!

“I’ll dedicate myself in order to get a bigger house ……”

Kai finished speaking and slowly walked towards the ring.

Gao Qijie waited for a while, seeing that no one had said anything and no one had come up to the stage, and was about to make a few taunting remarks when he noticed Kai walking out from the crowd, and then walking towards the ring step by step without slowing down!

When he saw Kai walk onto the stage, Gao Qijie was stunned because he realised that Kai was only at the second level of the Combined Body Realm, and he dared to go on stage?

And when that tile tank saw Kai coming onto the stage, he was even more convinced that it was Kai who had just saved him!

When the crowd below saw that Kai had actually walked onto the stage, they all put their eyes on Kai!

“Who is this guy? How dare he go up there with such strength?”

“This kid is really fierce, he’s at the second rank of the Harmony Realm and he dares to go up on stage to challenge a cultivator at the third rank of the Harmony Realm, is he out of his mind?”

“He really wants money but not life, where did this fool come from?”

“Today’s trip was not in vain, it looks like we’re in for a treat!”

The crowd was all talking, but all agreed that Kai would be severely humiliated and then thrown out of the ring!

Or maybe he would die in the ring!

Although the spirit coins and resources were tempting, no one dared to go on stage without a fight.

At this moment, only Liu Ruyan and the few of them were following the difference of the crowd, all with a few smiles on their faces, waiting to see a good show!


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