A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2795

When Kai heard this, he instantly understood that whatever ancient alchemy Yih was talking about should be the martial arts in the mundane world!

After cultivating to a certain realm in the mundane world, tearing apart space-time to come to the Celestial Realm, and then continuing to cultivate with body refining techniques, one would form this kind of ancient body refining cultivator!

However, this kind of cultivation method is extremely slow and it is difficult to ascend to immortality, so many people would choose the Aura technique!

But these people, because they had part of the beast bloodline in them, should not be too suitable for the aura gong method, and that’s why they chose the body refining technique!

“Today, will someone come up to the stage to fight me?”

The burly man had an arrogant look on his face, and his voice was like a giant thunderbolt exploding, buzzing in the crowd’s ears!

The crowd looked at the strong man in front of them, but they were all silent. Although the stakes were very tempting, no one dared to come up to the stage!

If you are not as good as the others, you can’t complain even if you are killed!

So although these people knew that the stakes were tempting, if their lives were lost, what was the use of having more things!

Seeing that no one was coming up to the stage, the strong man laughed and said, “All cowards, doesn’t anyone dare to compete with me anymore? I’ve come a long way, but if I only bring back this little bit, I won’t be able to give up my job.”

Even though the strong man laughed at the crowd as cowards, no one dared to go on stage!

Seeing this, Kai knew that the time had come for him to step forward, but just as he was about to get into the ring, a voice suddenly rang out not far from him!

“Tile tank, I’ve been following you for many days, I knew you would come here to fight, is it because you barbarians can’t live any longer that you’ve come this far to earn resources?”

Along with the voice, a young man with a folding fan in his hand leapt onto the ring!

The youth was also a third-ranked cultivator of the Combined Body realm, and it looked like, following this strong man, he even knew each other!

After seeing the youth, he frowned and said, “Gao Qijie, why does your Gao family always have a problem with us?”

“In the Extreme North Land, all the resources are in the hands of your Gao Family, if we don’t fight with you, do you have to drive us to extinction?”

The tile jar had an angry face as it waited viciously for that Gao Qijie!

“The Land of the Far North, people from the Gao Family are here too?”

Hearing that Tile Jar’s words, the Third Elder was a little surprised!

“Third Elder, you know about this what’s-his-name Gao family?” Kai asked!

“I’ve only heard that in the Far North, this Gao family is also very powerful, but I don’t know much about it.”

“But from the looks of it, this Gao family seems to have some grudges following this group of ancient body refining cultivators?”

The Third Elder said!

“It seems like it, let’s see!” Kai nodded his head!

At this moment, Gao Qijie in the ring, facing the anger of the tile jar, did not think anything of it, and said with a cold smile on his face “As long as you join my Gao family, then you will have resources available, and you do not have to run ten thousand miles away to earn them.”

“You must know that in that place in the extreme north, there can only be our Gao family, and no one is allowed to exist that does not belong to my Gao family.”

“And the things that my Gao family looks at also belong to our Gao family sooner or later.”

Gao Qijie’s words could be described as rampant to the extreme!

The crowd all murmured at Gao Qijie’s words, but the Far North was a long way away, plus the harsh environment, so I guess no one would run there to follow the Gao family and fight for resources!

But Kai was a bit disgusted by Gao Qijie’s words, for a third-ranked cultivator of the Harmonious Body Realm dared to say such arrogant words!

It could be seen how arrogant that Gao family had become in the Extreme North!

“I pooh, your Gao Clan bullies men and women without any evil, how could I possibly join your Gao Clan, my Ancient Body Refining Clan would not compromise even if I were to die.”

Wajang spat fiercely!


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