A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2794

After all, with their current realm, they could only go to the east ring!

The Third Elder nodded, then led Kai and the others towards the eastern ring!

Along the way, they encountered quite a few cultivators from the first to third rank of the Harmony Realm, all of whom were also hurriedly heading towards the ring!

Everyone had a glow in their eyes and were talking about it!

“That Ancient Body Refining Hercules yesterday was really something, he won nine matches in one breath, and I heard that he won tens of millions of spirit coins alone!”

“That Hercules is amazing, at the third rank of the Combined Body realm, I heard that he has defeated opponents at the fourth rank of the Combined Body realm, I guess this time, he will dominate the ring.”

“I’ve heard that the stakes are up to 50 million spirit coins today, and there are countless kinds of spirit stones and herbs, let’s see if anyone dares to challenge.”

“I heard that this Ancient Body Refining Hercules came from the extreme north, spanning tens of thousands of miles, I wonder if all the people on that side are like that!”

These cultivators were talking as they walked, while Kai on the side was listening with a smile on his face!

“Third Elder, perhaps today our Jade Tripod Sect will be able to change our landing place in this Jialing County for a change!”

Kai said with a heated smile!

With fifty million spirit coins at stake, plus countless spirit stones and herbs, it would be absolutely no problem to buy a luxurious mansion here!

Although Kai was a second-ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, he could beat a third-ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, no different from beating a child!

No matter what kind of ancient body refining powerhouse he was, he wouldn’t be able to take a slap from Kai!

“With Mr. Chen stepping in, I guess no one will dare to get in this ring today.”

The Third Elder said with a smile!

Soon, several people arrived at the ring, but the ring was blocked all around, leaving only one entrance and exit.

Kai was slightly stunned, but at that moment the Third Elder had already taken out the spirit coins and handed them to one of the guards at the entrance/exit!

Seeing the coins, the guard waved his hand and let Kai in!

“Mr. Chen, in order to enter, you have to pay a fee first.”

The Third Elder said!

Kai looked at the sea of people around the ring, the entrance fee alone paid by so many people was estimated to be quite a lot!

At this moment, Kai admired the business acumen of this county lord of Jialing County even more!

Kai and the others squeezed their way to the edge of the ring, and then looked into the ring!

At this moment, on the side of the ring, countless spirit stones and herbs were laid out, and there were also 50 million spirit coins, these were the stakes for today’s ring!

Immediately from the side of the ring, a strong man of the third rank of the Combined Body realm, tall and wearing animal skins, walked onto the ring with a huge axe in his hand!

This strong man carried a smell of savagery, and the aura emanating from his body was even more incomparably strong.

Kai noticed that the aura on this strong man was surprisingly a little different from the other cultivators, it seemed to have the aura of a beast race, but it was very faint, more of a human aura!

“I never thought that such ancient body refiners would really exist in this Celestial Human Realm.”

Yih looked at the strong man in the ring and couldn’t help but be a little surprised!

“What? You know these people? I feel that these people have a different aura from other cultivators, and there seems to be the aura of the beast race.”

Kai asked to Yih!

Yi Hyuk nodded and said “Not bad, this kind of ancient body refiners do have the bloodline of the beast race flowing through their bodies as well.”

“They are originally descended from the human and beast races, and I heard that the ancestor of these people was an ice bear monster.”

“Didn’t you say that there was no way for the human race to combine with the beast race?” Kai looked at Yih with some surprise!

After all, that was what Yih had said after Isha, and it was indeed written in the ancient books of the beast race!

“These people are different because what they cultivate is not a spiritual qi technique, but an ancient body refining technique, which is what is known as using qi to transport power.”

“So in their case, the combination of human and beast races doesn’t have much effect on them, but there are so few of their kind that I thought they were extinct.”

Ich explained!


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