A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2792

The inner city was bustling with stalls everywhere, like a marketplace, and there was a ring in each of the four directions of the inner city, southeast and northwest, for people to spar!

Kai and the others walked for a long time before the Third Elder brought them to a small courtyard in the middle of nowhere!

The small courtyard looked small, but it was very neat and tidy.

“This is our Jade Tripod Sect’s resting place within Jialing County, this small courtyard was bought by us.”

The Third Elder said!

“Third Elder, for such a large clan to buy such a small courtyard as a resting place, it’s too stingy ……”

Kai couldn’t help but laugh!

“Mr. Chen has no idea, the houses here are simply too expensive, and with the financial resources of our Jade Tripod Sect, it would be difficult to afford them at all.”

“To be honest, in the past, when we came to the Pill Master Meeting, we only rented a house to live in, and this small courtyard was only after that Hu Yixiao became the Patriarch that the Jade Tripod Sect had the money to buy this one small courtyard here.”

“Just this remote and inconspicuous courtyard has cost millions of spirit coins!”

The Third Elder said with some embarrassment!

Hearing this, Kai could only smile helplessly, after all, the previous Jade Tripod Sect was charitable, treated the sick and saved people, and did not ask for anything in return, so of course the whole sect was poor!

Ever since this Hu Yixiao had become the sect master, he had started to amass a lot of money by using the Jade Tripod Sect’s pharmacists, and only then was he able to rebuild the sect and even buy a courtyard here!

“Third Elder, that patch of luxurious mansions not far away, what kind of people live there?”

Demon Emperor Yih asked as he pointed to an area of luxurious mansions not far from the small courtyard!

“Those are luxurious mansions, they are all bought by some big clans, or rich cultivators, I heard that they are especially beautiful inside, there are spirit gathering formations inside each mansion, and there are handsome looking maids waiting for them!”

“It’s just that it’s too expensive, I’ve never been inside either, and our Jade Tripod Sect can’t afford it either ……”

The third elder looked at that area, his eyes full of envy!

“It’s just a set of mansions, how expensive can it be, when I take it back to Demon Emperor City, I’ll buy it and give it to your Yuding Clan, I don’t live in this little broken courtyard anymore.”

Yih said indifferently!

Hearing Yi Hyuk’s words, the Third Elder didn’t make a sound, after all, as the Demon Emperor of Demon Emperor City, it was still very simple to buy a mansion here!

Only now that Ihyuk Demon Emperor had been expelled from Demon Emperor City, as the saying goes, a fallen phoenix is worse than a chicken, and now Ihyuk didn’t have many spirit coins on him!

“Alright, we’ll talk about things later, let’s go in first and rest!”

Kai said to a few people!

Kai still wanted to take a good look at the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, because he was in too much of a hurry, Kai didn’t take a closer look!

A few people entered the small courtyard, but there were only two rooms where they could really rest!

With three men and one woman, two rooms were a bit difficult to allocate, and if Kai and the three men were to share a room, it would be a bit crowded!

“Yih Demon Emperor, I think the two of us should make do in one room!”

The Third Elder said, pulling Yih into a room without a word!

This left only Kai and Liu Ruyan, the two of them could only have one room, they couldn’t let Kai sleep inside the courtyard!

“Let’s go in too ……”

Liu Ruyan blushed, then took Kai’s hand and walked towards the other room!

Seeing that Liu Ruyan had taken such an initiative, Kai did not push back.

After entering the room, Liu Ruyan simply tidied up, while Kai took out a Heavenly Thunder Fruit from his storage ring!

The Heavenly Thunder Fruit was emitting a faint lustre, and something like lightning was flashing inside!

“Is this the Heavenly Thunder Fruit? It’s so beautiful ……”

Seeing this, Liu Ruyan excitedly reached out to wipe it.

“Ah …………”

But just as Ruyan Liu touched it, it immediately bounced away, as if it had been stuck by a needle!


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