A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2791

At this moment, there were several guards in silver armour with strong auras in the inner city, checking everyone who entered!

And these guards, surprisingly, were all at the third level of the Combined Body Realm, following the Third Elder at the same level!

This had to shock Kai, just a few guards, but they were at the third level of the Harmonious Body realm, this was too perverted!

If he knew that a third-ranking Harmony Realm practitioner was an elder or a captain in some sects, he would be laughed to death if he were to guard the gate!

Kai couldn’t help but feel that the strength of this Jia Ling County was really extraordinary. At this moment, Kai was eager to get to know what kind of person this Jia Ling County Lord was!

Kai was stopped by a few guards as they were passing through the inner city!

“Stand still, what do you do?”

One of the guards stopped Kai and his men and asked!

“We’re from the Jade Tripod Sect, we’re here for the Pill Master’s Meeting.”

The Third Elder stepped forward, took out a jade tag-like item, and handed it over!

The guard took the palm of his hand and stroked it gently, then nodded and handed the jade tag back to the third elder, “Go in ……”

The third elder put away the jade token and then led Kai and the others into the inner city!

But just as Kai was about to pass through the city gates, a white light suddenly flashed, followed by a barrier that actually stopped Kai in front of him!

Kai was stunned, he didn’t expect there to be a formation in front of the city gate!

But why did the others enter without any problem, but the moment he passed through, the formation was activated?

When the guards saw that the formation had been activated and Kai was stopped by it, they all looked like enemies and instantly took up their weapons and surrounded Kai!

“Good for you devil cultivator, how dare you barge into my Jia Ling County, how dare you ……”

Several guards stopped Kai and were about to strike!

“A few of you, misunderstanding, misunderstanding, this is a person from my Jade Tripod Sect, how can he be a devil cultivator!”

Seeing this, the Third Elder hurriedly stepped forward and explained!

And Kai then sort of understood why this formation would only activate when he passed through it!

It was because Kai had eaten that old woman’s devil pearl, so his body possessed devilish Qi, plus just a short while ago, he had sucked the devilish Qi out of Suo Xing Yue’s body, making Kai’s devilish Qi heavier!

Kai didn’t expect that there would be a formation to detect demon cultivators here, so he didn’t hide that demon aura in his body!

“We won’t be mistaken, this formation was personally set up by the county lord, how could it be wrong!”

“You devil cultivator hurry up and fold your arms, don’t let us do it!”

One of the guards roared with a face full of tension!

“You guys are really mistaken, I’m really not a devil cultivator!”

Kai hid the devilish aura in his body, because the devilish aura in Kai’s body was not heavy, and that devilish power had long been refined into the power of the three races by Kai, so the devilish aura was even less, so Kai was able to hide his aura perfectly.

Kai then gently touched his palm on the formation in front of him!

The formation actually disappeared instantly under Kai’s touch!

And Kai walked into the inner city intact!

“See, I’m in, I’m not a demon cultivator at all!”

Kai said to the guard after he walked into the inner city!

When the few guards saw this, they were also confused, unable to understand what was going on here!

“You’re trying ……”

The guard told Kai to try again!

Kai then went back and forth to the inner city gates several times, and did not activate the formation!

“This is really strange, is there really something wrong with this formation?”

The guard scratched his head, somewhat at a loss for words!

“It should be a problem with the formation, we are from the Jade Tripod Sect, many people know us, how could we be demonic cultivators.”

The Third Elder said to the guard!

“You guys go in!”

The guard saw that the formation wasn’t activating, so he waved his hand and let Kai and the others go in!


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