A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2790

It should have been obvious that Kai was puzzled, and Suo Xingyue on the side spoke up, “Little friend may not know that the reason why this Jia Ling County has become so large is inseparable from the annual pill refining meeting.”

“Moreover, the Lord of Jialing County was also an amazing pill maker, which is why the statue of Pill Elder was placed on top of this square to attract more pill masters to come!”

As soon as Kai heard that, he understood that it turned out that this Lord of Jialing County was also just doing business to make his Jialing County more prosperous!

“It seems that this Jia Ling County Lord is a good businessman!”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“That’s for sure, every year at the Pill Refining Conference, there’s no telling how many exotic treasures and a large amount of resources converge on Jialing County, can’t you see that the random people guarding the gates of Jialing County are all Harmony Realm cultivators.”

“If it wasn’t supported by a large amount of resources, it would be impossible for Jialing County to support such a huge city!”

Suo Xing Yue said!

“Let’s hope this trip is not in vain ……” Kai listened to Suo Xing Yue’s words with a sense of longing!

Maybe he could collect a lot of exotic treasures during his time in Jialing County, and he could also get rid of Yih’s poison!

“Little friend, thank you for the ride, this is my token, if it’s alright, you can go to the Pill Master Association’s premises to find me and play.”

Suo Xing Yue took out a very delicate and small token and handed it to Kai!

With this token, Kai could enter and exit the Pill Master Association’s premises at any time, if he didn’t have the token, he would have to wait for the day the Pill Master Association opened, before he could queue up to enter!

To put it mildly, this token was the equivalent of giving Kai his identity!

After giving Kai the token, Suo Xingyue left to find her senior brother!

And Kai, under the leadership of the Third Elder, slowly walked towards the interior of Jialing County!

The vast county of Jialing was divided into an outer city and an inner city!

All those who come to Jialing County can move and live in the outer city, but to enter the inner city, they need to be strictly checked and questioned, and even have their identity checked!

Because the Pill Master Meeting would be held in the Inner City by then, all Kai and the others headed towards the Inner City!

“Mr. Chen, we three brothers will wait for you in the outer city, with our strength, it’s not much fun to enter the inner city.”

At this moment, the Big Jay of the Three Monstrous Thieves said to Kai!

After all, inside the inner city, most of them were people of high strength and distinguished status, and the Three Monstrous Thieves would be very restrained when they played!

In the outer city, there were all sorts of people, as well as all sorts of rings and gambling arenas, and generally people from the lower classes were the majority!

So the Three Thieves were able to have more fun in the outer city, and they didn’t have to be restrained!

“Yes, but you three are not allowed to steal anything, if I find out, you three will be punished.”

Kai admonished!

“Dare not, give us a hundred guts, we wouldn’t dare to steal anything within Jialing County, that’s not looking for death!”

The Three Monstrous Thieves said, waving their hands repeatedly!

“Mr. Chen, don’t worry, no one dares to cause trouble in Jialing County.”

The Third Elder said from the sidelines!

Kai then reached out his hand and followed Liu Ruyan, “Give me some spirit coins.”

Liu Ruyan didn’t even ask, she directly took out some spirit coins for Kai and handed them over.

Kai took the coins and tossed them to the three robbers, “You guys have fun outside and just wait for us!”

The three thieves took the coins and thanked him profusely, they didn’t have to steal anymore, they still had the coins to use!

After the three thieves left, Yih looked at Kai and said with a smile, “Mr. Chen’s soft rice is really hard to eat ……”

The three elders burst out laughing when they heard this, while Liu Ruyan was blushing sheepishly!

Kai was unimpressed and said “Soft rice really smells good ……”

“Hahahaha …………”

The crowd all burst out in joy and then headed towards the inner city!


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