A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2789

“Elder Suo, since you are alone, let’s travel together, we can still take care of each other!”

Third Elder saw that Suo Xingyue was alone, so he hurriedly said!

After all, by following the referee first to make good relations, the next Pill Master meeting would be smoother!

“That’s exactly what I was thinking!”

Suo Xingyue nodded, in fact Suo Xingyue also wanted to get to know Kai, wanted to know how Kai, as a Pill Master, could be so strong!

Several people started to travel together towards Jialing County!

On the way, Suo Xingyue said to Kai, “Little friend, I wonder how many grades of pill refining strength you have reached now?”

“Pill-making strength?” Kai frowned slightly!

Kai did not know that pill refiners were divided into realms, and no one had told him about it!

“Suo Changlao, Mr. Chen hasn’t tested at our Jade Tripod Sect yet, so he doesn’t know how many grades of pill masters he is yet!”

Seeing this, the Third Elder hurriedly explained!

Upon hearing this, Suo Xingyue nodded and said “So it hasn’t been tested yet, but I see that little friend’s pill refining strength should not be low, at least a third grade medium level!”

Kai listened to Suo Xingyue’s words, and by following Suo Xingyue’s conversation, he understood that the pill refiners in the Celestial Human Realm were divided into nine grades, and each grade was divided into three levels: upper, middle and lower!

The higher the rank of the pill refiner, the more advanced pills they could refine, but refining pills did not entirely depend on the strength of the pill refiner, there were also medicinal materials, furnaces, and even the flames used for refining pills, all of which were subject to precautions!

Therefore, if a senior pill refiner has a God-grade furnace and some immortal herbs, it is possible to refine a true immortal pill!

Following Suo Xing Yue’s conversation had caused Kai to learn a lot about the history of pill refiners in the Celestial Realm, and he had also learned a lot!

No matter what, this Danyang Sect looked like it was a lot stronger than the Jade Tripod Sect!

Otherwise an elder of the Danyang Sect would not have been able to become a judge, it seemed that in this region, the crowd recognized the Danyang Sect’s pill refining skills!

Unknowingly, the sky was getting dark!

And at that moment, a huge city appeared in front of since eyes!

“Jialing County is here, every time I come here, I have a shocking feeling ……”

The Third Elder looked at the immense and incomparable city in front of him and could not help but sigh!

And Yih looked at Jialing County, also a burst of emotion said “too spectacular, it seems that in this construction, the beast race can never compare to the human.”

Although Ikh’s Demon Emperor City was also very big and magnificent, it was nothing compared to Jialing County, it was not enough!

If Ikh’s Demon Emperor City was a big tiled house, then this Jialing County could be called a villa!

“Mr. Chen, entering Jialing County is strictly for personal private fights, so you should pay attention, if you have disputes and conflicts, you can go to the ring.”

“Within this Jialing County, there are rings everywhere, so you can compete at any time.”

The Third Elder whispered to Kai and reminded him!

Kai nodded, and then the group entered within Jialing County!

And in the square where they entered the city gates, a statue towered in the middle of the place!

The statue was of an old man with a lingzhi-type thing in his hand, and he seemed to be sniffing at it in front of his nose!

“Mr. Chen, this is the statue is Ge Zhichuan, the originator of our pill refiners, all known as Pill Elder.”

The Third Elder introduced himself in Kai’s ear!

Kai felt a little surprised that such a statue should be erected in the square in this Jialing County, after all, this Pill Elder, the originator of pill refiners, should be some pill refining clan to place a statue, it seemed inappropriate for a city like Jialing County to place such a statue!

Could it be that the Lord of Jialing County was also a Pill Master?


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