A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2788

“Stop it or our Lord Inferno will not spare you.”

The lean old man shouted.

“Bah, the Inferno Demon knows who you are, you’re just a branch of the Inferno Demon lineage, and you really think of yourself as an Inferno Demon.”

Kai fiercely pooh-poohed!

Lightning was still blasting down, and soon the lean old man was blasted to cinders!

But a black mist unexpectedly flew out from within the lean old man’s body!

After this black mist appeared, the heavens and earth were darkened!

“This is the demon soul, don’t let him get away ……”

Seeing this, Suo Xing Yue hurriedly said to Kai!

Kai nodded and rushed towards the demonic soul, which let out a mournful cry as a hideous and terrifying face was revealed!

The demonic soul’s copper bell-like eyes looked at Kai, and its sharp teeth kept lying in saliva, like a man-eating demon!

Seeing Kai rushing towards him, the demonic soul wrapped itself in a black mist and rushed towards Kai as well!

Kai smiled coldly and a ball of Supreme Fire instantly rose up in his hand before being wrapped up by the black fog of the demon soul.

Seeing this, Suo Xing Yue looked on with a somewhat tense expression.

Soon, a roar erupted from the black mist, and the roiling black mist directly exploded, then turned into thousands of black mist fragments, and every single one of them burned with flames!

Kai’s figure slowly appeared, and the demon soul was burnt to ashes by Kai’s supreme fire as well!

And the other demon cultivators who heard the commotion hurriedly ran over!

But when they saw that even their leader’s demon soul had been burnt to ashes, they all looked terrified!

Before Kai could make a move against them, these people instantly ran away without a trace!

Kai didn’t chase after them, as long as they didn’t harm the villagers or provoke him in the future, Kai wouldn’t care about them either!

“Little brother, you saved my life, I really can’t thank you enough, when we get to Jialing County, I will definitely repay you.”

Suo Xingyue said gratefully!

“It’s just a handful, no need to be polite!” Kai smiled lightly!

At that moment, Liu Ruyan and the girls saw that Kai was nowhere to be seen and ran along!

“Kai, are you alright?” Seeing Kai, Liu Ruyan asked nervously!

“I’m fine.” Kai shook his head!

“Mr. Chen, was there a battle here just now? Why is there the aura of a demon race?”

Yih said with a slight frown!

Although Ihyuk’s strength had been suppressed, his senses were still very sharp!

“Not bad, I just killed a demonic cultivator and saved this Daoist of the Danyang Sect.”

Kai pointed at Suo Xing Yue and said!

“The Danyang Sect?” The Third Elder froze and looked at Suo Xingyue with some incredulity, “You’re from the Danyang Sect?”

“Yes, I am an elder of the Danyang Sect, my name is Suo Xingyue!”

“I wonder where a few fellow Daoists are from?”

Suo Xingyue asked to the three elders!

“Oh, we’re from the Jade Tripod Sect, going to the Pill Master’s Meeting.”

The Third Elder hurriedly said!

“Oh, so we are daoists from the Jade Tripod Sect, I really didn’t expect that your Jade Tripod Sect would have people of such high strength.”

Suo Xing Yue said with some surprise!

After all, clans like theirs, which were mainly focused on pill refining, were generally on the low side of strength, except that in this Celestial Realm, pill masters had a lofty status, so even though some pill refiners were not strong, no one would mess with them!

“Elder Suo, you’re also going to the Pill Master Meeting in Jialing County, right? I remember that every year at the Pill Master Meeting, your Danyang Sect acts as the judge.”

The Third Elder asked!

“Yes, I am also going to the Pill Master Meeting in Jialing County this time to act as a judge, only that several senior brothers left first and I was delayed by something, and this time the demonic cultivators seized the opportunity to take control of me!”

“If it wasn’t for this fellow Daoist who saved me, I’m afraid I would still be serving those demonic cultivators right now!”

Suo Xing Yue said awkwardly!


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