A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2786

“Kid, you are too wild, I really don’t know who gave you the courage, but today I’ll mess with you, I’ll see what you can do to me.”

The lean old man said, and the cold aura from his body instantly burst out, filling the whole mountain forest with this cold aura!

Then the lean old man reached out and grabbed his hand, black flames emanated from his body, turning into a fire dragon and heading straight for Kai!

When Kai saw the black flames emanating from the lean old man, he instantly had a feeling of déjà vu!

“Mr. Chen, this is the Supreme Flame, I didn’t expect that this old man was also from the Inferno Demon lineage, only that this Supreme Flame of his is too poor, it’s not as pure as mine.”

At this moment, the voice of Ochre Amazing resounded in Kai’s mind!

Kai also instantly understood that this flame was actually the Devil’s Flame, only because it was not quite pure, Kai did not think of it for a while!

“Since you want to play with fire, then I will play with you ……”

Kai’s palm moved, and a flame instantly jumped up on his fingertips!

Immediately afterwards, Kai flicked it and the ball of flame shot straight forward!

The lean old man who saw this scene could not help but laugh out loud “Hahahaha, are you kidding, how dare you compete with me with this little flame of yours?”

“How dare the light of a glowing fire compete with the glory of the white moon …………”

The lean old man had a mocking look on his face, unable to look at the ball of flame that Kai had flicked out!

This ball of flame was nothing compared to the few fire dragons he had!

But the thin old man didn’t even know that Kai’s seemingly insignificant flame was a true supreme flame, the purest supreme flame!


Just after Kai’s flame was ejected, it suddenly burst in mid-air, and the sky was filled with flames, forming a wall of fire!

The entire area was enveloped in a sea of fire, and the scorching heat caused space to twist and distort!

The lean old man’s several fire dragons were instantly engulfed by the flames!

The trees and flowers around the mountain forest all withered in an instant, and even the birds and beasts flying across the sky were directly turned into ashes!

Kai’s flames were pure fire, so there was no need to talk about their power, they were a hundred times stronger than the thin old man’s flames!

Seeing this, the lean old man hurriedly retreated backwards, he did not dare to resist this flame, or he might be burnt to ashes too!

“Who the hell are you ……? Why is this flame that you are controlling so similar to mine?”

The lean old man looked at Kai and asked with a puzzled expression!

“What kind of flame is this of yours?” Kai asked!

“Old man, this is the Devil Clan’s Supreme Flame, the most powerful flame of our Inferno Demon lineage ……”

The lean old man said with slight smugness!

“I pooh, what a f*cking disgrace to the Inferno Demon lineage, just this is still called the Supreme Flame, I really don’t know how they practiced it.”

Ochre Amazing cursed in Kai’s mind!

But that was normal, after all, the Demon Clan had been splitting up for so many years, even the Inferno Demon Lineage had split up into an unknown number of small sects!

Some of the side branches, perhaps having only practiced some of the hints of the Supreme Flame, had also started their own sects, which caused others to practice the Demon Supreme Flame later on, and it had become tasteless!

In fact, even the Supreme Flame practiced by Ochre Yan was not as pure as the small group of Supreme Flame in Kai’s body, after all, Kai’s group of Supreme Flame was the real Devil’s Flame!

“This is also the Devil’s Flame, we are both practicing the same.”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“You fart, how come I’ve never seen a Supreme Flame with this kind of aura before, don’t you dare lie to me, and you’re not a Demon, how can you possibly practice our Demon’s Supreme Flame?”

“I think you’ve peeped into the cultivation method of our Demon’s Supreme Flame and secretly incorporated a bit of it yourself, which is why it’s somewhat similar to my Supreme Flame!”

The lean old man did not believe that Kai was also using the Devil’s Flame!


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