A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2784

“I’m walking, this isn’t your place, can’t I come?”

Kai said with a relaxed expression!

When the lean old man heard this, he frowned and said “This is my place now, you get out of here right now, or else don’t blame me for not being polite.”

A burst of killing intent erupted from the lean old man’s body, enveloping him towards Kai, seemingly trying to scare him away!

But who knew that Kai was not afraid at all and said with a faint smile, “If you say it’s yours, it’s yours? Show me the land deed?”

“Good boy, are you looking for death?”

The lean old man was furious and his aura rose up!

At this moment, the man at the side saw this and leapt up, heading straight for Kai!

“Kid, suffer death ……”

As soon as the man struck out, it was a shadow of a fist that directly enveloped Kai!

Kai was a bit confused for a moment, not understanding how this man suddenly struck out at himself!

It was obvious that the man had a bit of helplessness and prayer in his eyes, and he had come over to see what was going on, but this guy had struck him so hard!

Seeing the man strike, the lean old man gathered up his aura and watched with a cold smile on his face!

Although Kai didn’t know what the man meant, but the other party was coming at him with full force, Kai couldn’t just stand there and take the beating!

Just as the shadow of the man’s fist reached his eyes, Kai slapped out with a palm!

The man in front of him was only at the fourth level of the Combined Body Realm, so to Kai, he was no threat at all!

With a casual strike, Kai would be able to knock his opponent back!

But as soon as Kai struck, his entire body instantly froze as he realised that the man’s seemingly ferocious punch actually didn’t have much power, it could simply be described as weak!

Kai instantly understood that it seemed that the man did not really want to strike at him, so Kai hurriedly withdrew his strength and his body followed him backwards!

The man had already closed in on Kai and his fists were like dragons, forcing Kai backwards and forwards!

Only each of the man’s punches had no power, and Kai played along with the man as if he was being beaten up and could only dodge!

If Kai hadn’t reacted just now and directly slapped out with his palm and didn’t withdraw his strength, the man would probably have already flown out!

“Hurry up and leave, don’t stay here and wait for death, these people are demonic cultivators, not something you can mess with.”

The man said in a whisper to Kai as he attacked him!

“Demon cultivators?” Kai was stunned, no wonder he felt that there was something wrong with the aura of this group of people, but he didn’t detect any demon aura!

“What the hell is going on here?” Kai asked in disbelief!

“Don’t ask, it’s not clear in one or two sentences, you should run for your life quickly.”

“You are only at the second level of the Combined Body realm, how dare you follow me here, I believe you are going to Jialing County, when the time comes, you tell the county lord of Jialing County that these demonic cultivators are also planning to go to Jialing County.”

“They intend to steal the pills within the Pill Master’s Association, you must bring the word to them!”

The man said with a gloomy face!

Seeing this, Kai realized why the man had suddenly struck out at him, it turned out that he had seen that he was only at the second level of strength of the Combined Body realm and was no match for that lean old man, so he was afraid that he had created a poisonous hand, so he had taken the lead!

“Don’t look at me as the second rank of the Combined Body realm, but to deal with that old guy, it won’t take much effort ……”

Kai smiled faintly, then he struck out and snapped the man’s wrist!

Before the man could react, he was instantly subdued by Kai.

The man was shocked, knowing that he was at the fourth rank of the Harmony Realm, he could have dealt with Kai, a second rank of the Harmony Realm, with ease, but he did not want to be restrained by Kai and had no room to resist!


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