A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2783

After knowing again that Isha was fine, both Ikh and Kai were in a great mood!

The group moved faster!

Just a short distance from Jialing County, Kai and the others came across a group of people!

The group was uniformly dressed, and the leader was a lean old man1

It looked like this group was also heading towards Jialing County!

“Third Elder, this group of people, do you know any of them?”

Kai asked to the Third Elder!

If these people were also attending the Pill Master Meeting, then Third Elder must know them, after all, they were all Pill Masters and should have met!

The Third Elder took a look at the crowd, then shook his head and said “I don’t know them, they don’t look like pill masters!”

“Does Mr. Chen see something?”

Kai smiled and shook his head.

Kai did not see anything wrong with this group of people, except that the aura on this group of people, Kai always felt that it followed the normal cultivators differently!

But what exactly was different, Kai couldn’t tell, that’s why he asked the Third Elder about it!

When the group saw Kai and the others, they couldn’t help but look at them twice, and then walked past Kai and the others!

Just as this group of people passed by Kai and the others, one of them, kept looking at Kai and the others, and there seemed to be a few pleading glances in his eyes!

When Kai still wanted to take a closer look at that person, this group of people had already left quickly, seemingly with the intention of following Kai and pulling away from them, so this group of people walked very fast!

Kai frowned slightly as he looked closely at the disappearing group of people!

“Kai, what’s wrong? Is there anything different about that group?”

Liu Ruyan saw that expression on Kai’s face and asked!

“I always feel that within that group of people, there is someone who seems to be asking us for help!”

Kai said!

“Begging for help?” Liu Ruyan froze, then said “These people are obviously from a gang, how could someone ask for help from us, I guess you are mistaken?”

“It’s possible ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

After walking for a while, a few people started to sit down and rest down, anyway, Jialing County wasn’t far away, so there was no need to rush!

While they were resting, Kai disappeared with a few leaps and bounds!

Kai couldn’t forget the look in that man’s eyes, it was clearly a plea for help!

Moreover, the aura of these people made Kai a bit puzzled!

It didn’t take long for Kai to catch up with the gang, who were also resting under a big tree at that moment!

Kai searched the crowd for the man who had asked for help, but after looking around, he could not find him at all!

Just as Kai was wondering, he felt that someone was talking not far to his left, so he quietly sneaked over!

Soon, Kai found that the man who had asked for help was with the lean old man who was leading the group!

In front of them, there was a furnace, with white smoke coming out of the furnace, obviously making pills!

“These guys, why are they refining pills here?”

Kai was a little surprised, not understanding how these people were refining pills in this place where there was no village in front of them and no shop behind them!

Just when Kai wanted to smell what kind of pills were being refined within this furnace censer by virtue of his olfactory scent, the lean old man suddenly looked this way with a cold gaze!

Kai was startled, he had already hidden his breath, but he didn’t expect to be detected by the other party!

Kai turned to leave, but he heard the lean old man say “Who is it? Since you are here, don’t be sneaky ……”

Kai heard this, so he got up and walked out!

When he saw Kai, the man who asked for help obviously froze for a moment!

“Kid, what are you doing sneaking around?”

The lean old man looked at Kai and asked with a grim expression!


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