A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2782

The Jade Tripod Sect!

After Kai and the others left from the Jade Tripod Sect, Nie Heng took charge of the entire Jade Tripod Sect!

Since it was his first time managing the clan, Nie Heng felt a little anxious!

“Elder Nie, there’s a girl outside the sect, saying that she wants to see Mr. Chen ……”

A Jade Tripod Sect disciple walked into the main hall and said to Nie Heng!

“A girl?”

Nie Heng frowned slightly as he immediately got up and walked outside, because he was meeting Kai, so Nie Heng didn’t dare to be slack!

Even though Kai wasn’t here, if this girl was Kai’s friend, it would be a problem if he neglected her!

When Nie Heng arrived outside the clan gate, he saw a girl dressed in rags, with an unpleasant face and a few bruises on her body!

“Who are you? Why are you looking for Mr Chen?”

Nie Heng asked to the girl!

“My name is Isha, I’m the princess of Demon Emperor City, and I’m being chased!”

Isha said breathlessly!

When Nie Heng heard this, he froze on the spot, he didn’t expect this girl in rags in front of him to be the princess of Demon Emperor City!

But once he thought of the fact that not long ago, the Yih Demon Emperor had also come to the Jade Tripod Sect in a sorry state to find Kai, Nie Heng knew that something had changed in Demon Emperor City!

“Princess Isha, Mr. Chen isn’t in the sect, he’s gone to attend the Pill Master’s Meeting!”

After the shock passed, Nie Heng said to Princess Isha!

“Kai isn’t here?” Isha frowned, slightly at a loss for words!

“Princess Isha, although Chen is not here, but you can stay here to nurse your wounds and wait for him, Chen went to the Pill Master’s Association and brought your father with him, as if he was going to cure your father’s poison.”

Nie Heng said to Princess Isha!

When Princess Isha heard that her father was with Kai, and that he had gone to the Pill Master’s Meeting, her heart immediately relaxed!

So she nodded and said “Thank you then ……”

“You’re welcome!”

Nie Heng said and hurriedly invited Isha into the Yuding Clan, then let Isha take a bath and change her clothes!

After taking a bath, Isha had regained her youthful and beautiful appearance!

This made Nie Heng’s eyes go straight, but he knew that this was Isha’s friend Kai, so he didn’t dare to blaspheme a bit!

“Are you able to contact Kai now? I want to get through to them so I can reassure them.”

Isha wanted to follow Kai on the phone so that she could keep her father from worrying.

Otherwise the Ikh Demon Emperor would still think that Isha had been captured by Huben and was trapped in Demon Emperor City!

And screw it, Isha would have lost the most precious thing by now, by Huben’s hand!

“When Mr. Chen left, he left a voice transmission jade slip, I can contact him!”

Nie Heng said!

“That’s great, please contact Kai quickly ……”

As soon as Isha heard that, she said happily!

Nie Heng nodded, took out the sound transmission jade slip, mouthed the words, and instantly crushed it!

Soon, Kai’s voice appeared!

“Nie Heng, is there something going on with the Jade Tripod Sect?”

Kai asked!

After all, it hadn’t been long since they’d come out, and Nie Heng was talking on a jade slip, so something must have happened!

“Mr. Chen, Princess Isha has come to the Jade Tripod Sect and wants to speak to you!”

Nie Heng said!

When Kai heard it was Princess Isha, he directly froze!

“Isha, is it really Isha?”

At that moment, Yih’s excited voice came out!

Hearing her direct father’s voice, Princess Isha instantly burst into tears and said, “Father, it’s me, I’ve escaped, you don’t have to worry anymore.”

Hearing that it was really Issa’s voice, the demon emperor choked up and could not speak!

Kai was also excited and said, “Nie Heng, during our absence, you must protect Princess Isha, do you understand?”

“Understood!” Nie Heng nodded his head!

After Isha followed Kai and said a few more words, her voice disappeared, after all, there was a time limit on the sound transmission jade slip!


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