A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2780

“Dad, what do we do?”

Ning Can looked at the shattered bronze mirror, had a look at the Heavenly Thunder Fruits on the Heavenly Thunder Tree, and asked!

Ning Cai Chen also forgot to take a look at the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, and finally waved his hand and said, “Retreat, let’s leave here quickly ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get out of here!

Now Ning Cai Chen knew why the Thunder Eagle King dared to leave the Eagle King Cave and only sent a Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle of the eighth grade of the Harmonious Body Realm to guard it!

The thunder and lightning power of the Heavenly Thunder Tree would be very difficult for ordinary people to withstand, and it would be very difficult for them to go up to the tree to pick the fruit, even if they were not at the transitional stage!

Ning Cai Chen obtained two Heavenly Thunder Fruits, and then hurriedly left the Eagle King Cave with the few remaining members of the Ning Clan!

Shi Tieqiao and the crowd of cultivators stared blankly at the Heavenly Thunder Tree, each filled with reluctance and greed!

This Heavenly Thunder Fruit was right in front of them, but they had no way to get their hands on it, which was the most painful thing of all!

Finally, two more cultivators could not stand the temptation and burst out with all their breath, rushing towards the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

But before they could touch the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, they were struck by the thunderbolt and scattered in smoke!

This time, everyone was honest, and none of them dared to try!

“Let’s go …………”

Shi Tieqiao sighed, and with a helpless face, he also walked towards the outside of the cave!

Seeing this, those other cultivators could only follow and walk out, since there was no way to pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, staying here was just looking for death!

If the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle came back, none of them would be able to escape!

At this moment, Kai was being carried by the Three Monstrous Thieves, desperately running forward!

Behind them was that huge Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk chasing after them!

The Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk was so fast that it was about to catch up with them!

“Damn, this big guy, why does he keep chasing us ah ……”

Big Jay cursed with a sweaty head!

“It must be because I picked the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, if we go on like this, I’m afraid no one will survive!”

Kai said very weakly!

Kai had used up a lot of his spiritual energy picking these three Heavenly Thunder Fruits, and now that he was weak, there was no way he could deal with this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle!

As for the three monstrous thieves, they were even less capable of dealing with the Bloodthirsty Thunder Hawk of the eighth rank of the Harmonious Body Realm!

Just as Kai and the others were about to be overtaken, several hissing sounds suddenly came from the sky!

Several people looked up and found three huge pterodactyls, swooping towards them!

With a flick of its wings, one of the pterosaurs lifted Kai and the others onto its back!

Immediately afterwards, the three pterosaurs flew forward rapidly!

The Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk, which was about to catch up with them, was left behind again!

New …………

Looking at Chen and the others who had been saved by the Pterodactyl, the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle cried out in anger before turning around and flying back!

Sitting on the back of the Pterodactyl, Kai and the three monstrous thieves all let out a sigh of relief!

If the three winged dragons hadn’t appeared, they would have been eaten by the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk!

The Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk that flew back to the Eagle King’s Cave found that the Heavenly Thunder Fruits were missing again, so it angrily stirred its wings and chased after them outside the cave!

Kai and the others were saved by the pterodactyl and escaped!

But Shi Tieqiao and the others weren’t so lucky, and soon Shi Tieqiao was chased by the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk with those cultivators!

This time, these cultivators scattered and fled, being chased by the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks!

By the time they escaped from the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk’s territory, not many of the hundreds of cultivators on the airship and Shi Tieqiao had survived!

But Shi Tieqiao and the old woman were lucky, although they were in a very bad way, they managed to save their lives!

Shi Tieqiao and the remaining cultivators could only rely on their legs and walked towards Jialing County, all of them in a sorry state, like beggars.


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