A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2779

“Shi Tieqiao, how dare you collude with the others to deceive me and sneak into the cave yourself to pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruits ……”

Ning Cai Chen was furious, and a bloody and powerful aura instantly enveloped Shi Tieqiao and the old woman!

Feeling Ning Cai Chen’s aura, Shi Tieqiao was so scared that his face turned green, if Ning Cai Chen had moved to kill, he was now afraid that a single thought would have left them dead and buried!

After all, the difference in their realms was too great, and with a faint use of his powerful aura, he could crush the Shi Tieqiao duo into mush!

“Rest in peace, Master Ning, I was also tricked by that Kai, fortunately he only picked three Heavenly Thunder Fruits, there are still many on the tree, give them all to Master Ning, I will never fight for them!”

Shi Tieqiao hurriedly apologised after Ning Cai Chen!

Hearing Shi Tieqiao’s words, Ning Cai Chen then put his breath away!

Luckily, Kai hadn’t picked too many, if Kai had picked all the Heavenly Thunder Fruits, Ning Cai Chen would have killed Shi Tieqiao for sure!

And at this time, a few cultivators had already leapt to the Heavenly Thunder Tree and then reached out to pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruits!

But just as their hands were about to touch the Heavenly Thunder Fruits, suddenly a few lightning bolts flashed across the Heavenly Thunder Tree!

Immediately afterwards, all those cultivators were struck by lightning and fell off the tree!

Some of the cultivators who were not strong enough were directly blasted into slag!

And some of the cultivators with high strength were pierced through their bodies and also had no breath, only a whole corpse was left behind!

Seeing this scene, all those excited cultivators were dumbfounded, and they all looked at the Heavenly Lightning Fruits on the Heavenly Lightning Tree, no longer having the same impulse they had at the beginning!

They also understood why the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle was not guarding this place, for the power of lightning on the Heavenly Thunder Tree was enough to deter many people!

“Rui Beast Mirror ……”

Ning Cai Chen shouted, and immediately, someone from the Ning Clan handed that bronze mirror up!

Ning Cai Chen took the bronze mirror, intending to take it into battle himself.

He knew that the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle must have gone after Kai who had just picked the Heavenly Thunder Fruits, so he would take advantage of this opening to hurry up and pick a few Heavenly Thunder Fruits!

Ning Cai Chen leapt up with the bronze mirror in his hand, then reached out towards a Heavenly Thunder Fruit and grabbed it!

Rumble …………

A lightning bolt struck down, Ning Cai Chen hurriedly took out his bronze mirror to block it in front of him, the bolt struck hard on top of the bronze mirror and the power was directly reflected out!

Although Ning Cai Chen was not directly struck by the lightning, the force of the lightning striking the bronze mirror caused Ning Cai Chen’s body to sink and he fell down!

When the crowd saw Ning Cai Chen use the bronze mirror in his hand to easily pick a Heavenly Thunder Fruit, they were all envious, but they didn’t dare to snatch it, as Ning Cai Chen was an eighth-ranked cultivator of the Harmonious Body Realm, he was not something they could deal with!

After putting the Heavenly Thunder Fruits away, Ning Cai Chen took the bronze mirror and flew into the sky once more!

This time, Ning Cai Chen quickly grabbed the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, before his body hurriedly retreated backwards!

But even so, it was no use at all, as a bolt of lightning instantly struck down from the Heavenly Thunder Tree, and Ning Cai Chen repeated the same trick, using the bronze mirror to block the lightning attack!

But after this strike, another thunderbolt blasted out from the Heavenly Lightning Tree!

Ning Cai Chen grabbed the bronze mirror and blocked it again!

Rumble …………

After a loud bang, the thunderbolt was reflected, but the bronze mirror in Ning Cai Chen’s hand had shattered!

The tremendous recoil caused Ning Cai Chen’s face to look very ugly.

Falling back to the ground, Ning Cai Chen looked at the broken bronze mirror and felt a great deal of heartache inside!

This was a family heirloom of the Ning family, and it had been destroyed just like that!

Ning Cai Chen couldn’t understand, he had barely managed to pick two Heavenly Thunder Fruits by using the bronze mirror to defend himself, and what exactly did that fleeing Kai do to pick three Heavenly Thunder Fruits?


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