A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2778

When Kai heard that the Three Monstrous Thieves had found other exits, he was relieved that even if the Ning family’s people rushed in, Kai could still escape!

“I’m picking a Heavenly Thunder Fruit and we’ll retreat, the power of lightning from this Heavenly Thunder Tree is too perverse!”

Kai intended to retreat after picking one Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

After all, this body of his could no longer carry the multiple blasts from the Heavenly Thunder Tree!

“Mr. Chen, can your body still withstand it? Don’t have any accidents.”

San Jie looked at Kai’s tanned appearance and couldn’t help but ask!

He was afraid that if something happened to Kai, the three of them would have to die along with him!

“Lao San, what are you talking about, Mr. Chen will definitely be fine.”

Big Jie reprimanded San Jie fiercely, and then looked at Kai and said, “Mr. Chen, looking at you now, I’m afraid you’ve reached your limit, don’t force yourself!”

“Don’t worry, it will be fine ……”

Kai said, once again towards the Heavenly Thunder Fruit.

Before Kai’s hand could grasp the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, a bolt of lightning struck down from the Heavenly Thunder Tree!

Gritting his teeth and feeling the pain caused by the force of the lightning, Kai grabbed the Heavenly Thunder Fruit and pulled it down fiercely.

Rumble …………

Just after Kai’s Heavenly Thunder Fruit arrived, another lightning bolt struck Kai’s body!

This time, Kai’s body fell heavily to the ground as if it were a kite with a broken string!

“Mr. Chen ……”

Seeing this, the Three Monstrous Thieves rushed over!

“Retreat, go quickly …………”

Kai, who was very weak, said to the Three Monstrous Thieves!

Seeing this, the Three Monstrous Thieves hurriedly lifted Kai and hurriedly ran towards the other exit!

At that moment, the people outside the cave were still resting, and the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk did not attack!

But soon, the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk, who was resting in the tree, suddenly opened its eyes wide.

New …………

With a cry, that huge Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle instantly rose into the air!

Ning Cai Chen was startled and hurriedly set up his stance, ready to parry that Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle’s attack!

But the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle stirred its wings and darted towards the cave, not attacking Ning Cai Chen at all!

Seeing the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk flying into the cave in such a panic, Ning Cai Chen was a bit confused, not understanding what was wrong with this Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk!

When Shi Tieqiao saw the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk flying into the cave, he screamed out loud!

Kai was still inside picking the Heavenly Thunder Fruits, if they let the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle fly in, then Kai would definitely be finished, and their intention to share the Heavenly Thunder Fruits would be over!

Shi Tieqiao gave a wink and followed the old woman into the cave at speed!

When Ning Cai Chen saw that Shi Tie Qiao dared to follow the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle into the cave, he felt bad and rushed in with the others!

The crowd followed the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle into the Eagle King’s Cave, and looking at the Heavenly Thunder Tree in front of them, many cultivators let out a sigh of relief!

The Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle, however, did not stay on the Heavenly Thunder Tree after entering the cave, but chased after it in another direction.

Seeing that the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle had actually flown away, the crowd was all amazed!

Confused, what was this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle up to, why wasn’t it here guarding the Heavenly Thunder Tree?

But looking at the Spiritual Fruits on the tree, no one bothered about the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle, they all leapt up and tried to pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruits!

And Shi Tieqiao, looking inside the cave, saw that there was no longer any sign of Kai or the Three Monstrous Thieves, and felt a great sense of dismay in his heart!

When he saw that there were only seven Heavenly Thunder Fruits left on the tree, Shi Tieqiao couldn’t help but curse “Damn, I’ve been cheated, this kid has picked three Heavenly Thunder Fruits himself and escaped ……”

And that Ning Cai Chen looked at the tree already less Heavenly Thunder Fruits, also understand over why Shi Tie Qiao outside the cave, has been stalling for time!


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