A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2777

Ning Cai Chen, on the other hand, looked towards Shi Tieqiao and the others after forcing back that huge Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle with a single palm!

With this glance, he was furious, only to see that Shi Tieqiao, with those cultivators, was muddling through, with no one putting in any effort at all!

Even a seventh-ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, when facing a demonic beast of a very low realm, was actually gesticulating one move after another, obviously acting!

Looking at those of their Ning Clan, each one of them was covered in wounds as they fought and killed, and of the dozen or so people they had brought along, only five or six were left at this point!

This almost made Ning Cai Chen angry, so he leapt out of mid-air and reached Shi Tieqiao!

“Shi, what the hell are you doing? There are so many of you, and you’re not even doing anything?”

Ning Cai Chen angrily questioned Shi Tie Qiao!

“Master Ning, who said we didn’t put in any effort, these demonic beasts, most of them were killed by us.”

Shi Tieqiao didn’t even admit it!

“Then now that all these demonic beasts are almost decimated, then let’s join forces together to kill this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle of the Eighth Grade of the Harmonious Body Realm, then we will enter the cave and divide the Heavenly Thunder Fruit ……”

Ning Cai Chen said!

When Shi Tieqiao heard this, he snorted inwardly, he had already known that there were not hundreds of Heavenly Thunder Fruits inside the cave, even if he killed the strongest Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle, there was no way Ning Cai Chen would share the Heavenly Thunder Fruits with him!

Only that Shi Tieqiao could not follow Ning Cai Chen into a stalemate just yet, he had to stabilize Ning Cai Chen first, not to let him enter the cave, so as to buy time for Kai!

“Master Ning, it’s not that I won’t bring people along with you to kill that Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle, it’s just that that Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle is too strong, apart from you, which of us is a match for that Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle?”

“Besides, we are also almost exhausted now, so even if we helped, we wouldn’t be able to help much.”

“I think it’s better for us to rest for the time being, and when we are well rested, we will strike together and kill that Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle!”

Shi Tieqiao said, pretending to look weak!

Ning Cai Chen looked at Shi Tie Qiao and couldn’t say how angry he was in his heart, but even if he was angry, now was not the time to follow Shi Tie Qiao and fall out!

The huge Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle hadn’t been killed yet, and if Ning Cai Chen made a move against Shi Tieqiao, it was possible that they would all end up dying under the claws of the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle!

“Alright then, take a break for now ……”

Ning Cai Chen nodded helplessly!

And that huge Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk was standing on a huge tree resting at the moment!

As long as Ning Cai Chen and the others didn’t enter the cave, this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle was no good at taking the initiative, its task was to protect the Heavenly Thunder Fruits!

If the Heavenly Thunder Fruit was alright, it would not have to worry about anything, and when the Thunder Eagle King came back, it would be able to deliver!

All of a sudden, the shouting and killing no longer existed, and all of the cultivators and demonic beasts rested in silence!

At this moment, Shi Tieqiao was anxious, praying that Kai would quickly pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

He wanted to create chaos after Kai had picked the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, and follow those demonic beasts into a muddled battle, so that Kai could come out of the Eagle King’s Cave safely, without the others noticing!

At this moment, Kai, who was inside the cave, had long since lost his invincible golden body, and his body was also covered in pitch black from the lightning strikes, but even so, Kai’s body was not injured!

“It’s only taken two Heavenly Thunder Fruits to become like this, I guess if I pick at most one more, I’m afraid that this body of mine won’t be able to carry it anymore.”

Kai could feel the internal organs of his body, tumbling and rushing in the midst of this thunderbolt’s strikes all the time!

“Mr. Chen, found the other exit ……”

At this moment, the Three Monstrous Thieves came running over with gusto!

It turned out that with their meticulous search, they had finally found a very hidden exit!

After finding this exit, the three thieves came running to report it!


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