A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2776

It was as if this Heavenly Thunder Fruit was somehow connected to the Running Thunder Palm that one cultivated!

“Could it be that eating this Heavenly Thunder Fruit could make that Running Thunder Palm more powerful?”

Kai couldn’t help but secretly think!

“Mr. Chen, are you alright?”

At that moment, Big Jay shouted out!

He saw that Kai was motionless and was afraid that something had happened to him!

“It’s alright!” Kai put away the Heavenly Thunder Fruit and immediately jumped out of that deep pit with a leap!

Shi Tieqiao and the old woman looked at Kai with a very complicated expression on their faces!

“How about it, now you believe that I can pick this Heavenly Thunder Fruit by myself?”

“You guys just need to go out and find a way to stall that Ning Family’s people, I’ll try my best to pick it, but as you can see, the price paid for picking a Heavenly Thunder Fruit, so I can’t share it with you guys equally!”

“Thirty-seven at most, I’ll take seven and give you guys three …………”

Kai said to Shi Tieqiao and the old crone!

In fact, Kai didn’t intend to give them even one, the reason why he said that was just to make Shi Tieqiao believe his words even more!

Moreover, Kai knew that it was impossible for him to pick these ten Heavenly Thunder Fruits, even if he had an imperishable golden body, even if his physical body was incredibly strong!

Even if he had the Incorruptible Golden Body, even if his physical body was immensely strong, the thunder and lightning that he would suffer if he picked the ten Heavenly Thunder Fruits would blast him into slag!

Shi Tieqiao looked at Kai and then at the old crone before he nodded and said, “Okay, we’ll take three, but you have to speed up too, we’re afraid we won’t be able to delay that Ning Cai Chen for long!”

Shi Tieqiao knew that they could only rely on lies to hold Ning Cai Chen back, with their strength, they couldn’t even carry a slap from Ning Cai Chen!

But lies couldn’t deceive for long after all, so he had to tell Kai to hurry up!

“Don’t worry ……”

Kai nodded his head!

When Shi Tieqiao saw this, he led the old woman towards the outside of the cave!

“Mr. Chen, do you still really trust this Shi Tie Qiao? When the time comes, if you are seriously injured in order to pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, that Shi Tie Qiao will never let you go.”

Da Jie advised Kai!

The corners of Kai’s mouth lifted and he said, “How can I trust him? I won’t give him the Heavenly Thunder Fruit either.”

“You three should look for other exits in the cave, as the saying goes, there are three caves for cunning rabbits, I don’t believe that there is only one exit in the Thunder Eagle King’s cave!”

“As long as we find other exits, I will escape through the other exits after I pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!”

As soon as the three monstrous thieves heard that Kailai had already planned this, they nodded and began to split up to look for other exits!

As for Kai, he took a deep breath and leapt towards the Heavenly Thunder Tree once more!

At this moment, outside the Eagle King’s Cave, the killing was still going on!

The demonic beasts were all attacking desperately to stop the cultivators from entering the Eagle King’s Cave!

Ning Cai Chen and the huge bloodthirsty thunder eagle were also engaged in a fierce battle, and it was difficult to tell the winner from the two sides for a while!

Shi Tieqiao and the old woman came out of the cave, and no one was paying attention to them, so they joined the battle!

Only this time, Shi Tieqiao and the old crone began to quietly spread the news!

Telling those cultivators he had brought from the dirigible not to use all their strength and to preserve their strength in order to prevent the Ning family from taking the Heavenly Thunder Fruit for themselves!

These people were originally brought by Shi Tieqiao, so when they heard Shi Tieqiao say so, they began to let their hair down, not exerting their strength, preserving their strength one by one!

This time, only the Ning family members were left fighting bitterly after those demonic beasts!

When Ning Cai Chen saw that he couldn’t attack for a long time, there was no way to kill the huge Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle in a short time, so he could only shout, “Elder Shi, quickly bring two people to help me, let’s kill this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle of the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm together ……”

“Master Ning, hold on a little longer, we can’t get away either ……”

Shi Tieqiao shouted!


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