A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2775

Kai didn’t pay any attention to it, but took one look at the Heavenly Thunder Tree and leapt up violently towards a Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

While in mid-air, the Unbreakable Golden Body on Kai activated, and golden scales covered Kai’s entire body!

Seeing Kai suddenly turn into a golden-armored man, Shi Tieqiao and the old woman were all filled with shock!

Even the three monstrous thieves’ mouths were open, their faces full of disbelief!

They had never seen Kai unleash his invincible golden body before!

Just as Kai was about to grasp the Heavenly Lightning Fruit, a deafening thunderclap suddenly sounded!

A thick bolt of lightning emanated from the Heavenly Thunder Tree and struck Kai’s body!

Kai’s imperishable golden body erupted with golden light, defending itself against the lightning bolt’s attack!

Rumble …………

The thunderbolt struck Kai, causing his body to stagnate and he couldn’t help but fall downwards!

The spot on his body where he was struck was scorched black, and many of the scales of his imperishable golden body had disappeared!

“Hmph, what bragging rights, but he was still struck down by lightning all the same!”

The old crone snorted coldly when she saw that Kai had also fallen!

Seeing this, Shi Tieqiao was also full of disappointment, he had thought that Kai would really be able to resist the power of lightning by himself and pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

If Kai was struck by lightning and fell, their hearts were in their throats, for if Kai were to die, the three of them would not survive!

But at that moment, Kai, who had been falling, suddenly stopped and then leapt up again!

Just as a lightning bolt was about to strike again, Kai grabbed a Heavenly Lightning Fruit and twisted it, instantly plucking it off!

Kai’s heart was overjoyed and his body fell rapidly, but the lightning bolt had already reached the top of Kai’s head!

Kai knew that the lightning bolt was extremely fast and there was no way for him to dodge it, so he had to fight it off!

So he sank his qi into his dantian and the power of the three clans instantly emanated out, forming a faint layer of light around himself, like a shield!

Rumble …………

Kai’s body was struck again, the shield was shattered and the power of lightning struck Kai’s body!

Kai’s descent instantly accelerates before he hits the ground heavily!

The hard ground was actually smashed into a deep crater by Kai!

“Mr. Chen …………”

The Three Monstrous Thieves panicked and rushed over, looking towards the deep pit!

Shi Tieqiao and the old crone were also startled and rushed over to see how Kai was doing!

A man, struck by two lightning bolts in quick succession, this was simply fatal!

Just as they both looked towards the deep pit, they found that Kai had actually stood up from the deep pit, his whole body intact, and was holding the Heavenly Thunder Fruit in his hand and admiring it!

The few people who saw this scene were all frozen, their faces full of disbelief!

Two lightning bolts hadn’t killed Kai, even if he hadn’t even been injured, this was outrageous!

“This …… is this still a human being?”

Shi Tieqiao said with a shocked expression!

“It’s too strong, this flesh body of his is too strong, even the flesh body of the Transmigration realm may not be this strong, right?”

The old crone also said in shock!

But at this moment, Kai didn’t notice the expressions of the few people on the deep pit, he was carefully looking at the Heavenly Thunder Fruit in his hand!

He could see that the Heavenly Thunder Fruit was emitting a faint glow, and inside it, lightning could be clearly seen flashing!

Even when he was holding it in his hand, Kai could feel the strong aura of thunder and lightning emanating from within the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

Suddenly, the information of the Penetrating Thunder Palm flashed through Kai’s mind instantly!


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