A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2774

If the sword spirit of the Dragon Cutting Sword in Kai’s hand had not been damaged, the sword spirit, Zhong Li, would have been able to force the old woman back without Kai having to use his sword to control the Dragon Cutting Sword!

Now that Kai’s strength was increasing, the Dragon Cutting Sword, nourished by the power of the divine Dragon, was also increasing in power!

The Sword Spirit Zhong Li was injured, so there was no way he could detach himself from the Zhan Long Sword. He needed to go to the Weaponry Refining Sect and forge the Zhan Long Sword at the Sword Washing Pool again to restore the Sword Spirit Zhong Li!

At that time, once the Sword Spirit Zhong Li is free from the Dragon Cutting Sword, his strength will definitely improve by leaps and bounds ……

“Now get out immediately, I can not kill you ……”

Kai coldly looked at Shi Tieqiao and the old crone and said!

In fact, Kai did not want to follow the Flying Heavenly Clan into a life-and-death feud, after all, he now had quite a few enemies in the Celestial Realm and could not add more pressure to himself!

If Kai had wanted to kill Shi Tie Qiao, he would have been killed at the beginning, and this old woman, Kai would have been able to kill her with his sword!

“Kid, although I don’t know your identity, but your strength at the second rank of the Combined Body Realm was able to easily defeat our cultivator at the fifth rank of the Combined Body Realm realm, so it is evident that the kung fu method you learned is definitely not ordinary.”

“So it seems that your family’s origin must also be extraordinary, so I won’t ask about your identity, there are ten Heavenly Thunder Fruits on this Heavenly Thunder Tree, how about you and I share them equally?”

“This Heavenly Thunder Tree is protected by lightning, so you definitely won’t be able to get the Heavenly Thunder Fruits by yourself, if we work together, we might be able to take down this Heavenly Thunder Fruits by then!”

“As long as you agree, our previous grudges will be written off, and our Flying Heaven Clan will also be considered to owe you a favour, when the time comes, as long as our Flying Heaven Clan is used, we are absolutely obliged to do so!”

Shi Tieqiao knew that he couldn’t beat Kai by force, so he could only beg for peace!

This way, even if they took back a few Heavenly Thunder Fruits, they could still cancel out their fault of losing the Pterodactyl!

“Mr. Chen, the people of this Flying Heaven Clan are big liars who don’t keep their word, you shouldn’t trust them so easily!”

Da Jie whispered in Kai’s ear!

Of course Kai knew that this fellow Shi Tieqiao was a liar, otherwise he wouldn’t have tricked Ning Cai Chen and sneaked in!

But Kai didn’t care that Shi Tie Qiao was a liar, he was going to use his plan to get Shi Tie Qiao and the others, to stall Ning Caishen!

Kai knew that his biggest enemy now was the Ning family. Although there were ten Heavenly Thunder Fruits on this Heavenly Thunder Tree, the tree was protected by lightning, so if Kai wanted to go up and pick them, he would definitely suffer the power of lightning too!

However, Kai’s body was different from normal people, and every time he made a breakthrough, he suffered a thunderstorm, making Kai’s body incomparably strong, so he should have no problem resisting the thunder and lightning power on this Heavenly Thunder Tree!

But if he wanted to pick these ten Heavenly Thunder Fruits in one go, it would take time, but there was no way the Ning Clan would give him that time!

After Ning Cai Chen killed that Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle of the Eighth Grade of the Harmony Realm, he would definitely come into the cave, and when he saw Kai picking the Heavenly Thunder Fruits, he would definitely strike!

Although Kai had now broken through to the second rank of the Harmony Realm, he was not sure how to deal with Ning Cai Chen, the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm, plus he had to fight hard against the thunderbolt power of the Heavenly Thunder Tree, there was no way Kai would be able to accomplish that!

“Alright, I promise you, this Heavenly Thunder Fruit can be shared with you equally, but you also need to do one thing!”

Kai said!

“Do what?” Shi Tieqiao asked!

“You go outside the cave and find a way to stall that Ning family for now, don’t let them enter the cave!”

“The longer you hold them off, the more Heavenly Thunder Fruits I can pick!”

Kai said!

“What? You’re going to pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruits yourself? Are you kidding, aren’t you afraid of the power of that thunderbolt?”

The old woman said incredulously when she saw that Kai was going to let them go out to stall the Ning Clan’s people while Kai picked the Heavenly Thunder Fruit by himself!


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