A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2773

Kai saw that Shi Tieqiao was injured, and even with the old crone, he was no match for him, so he sneered and said, “Not bad, it’s me ……”

“I didn’t expect you to take advantage of the chaos to sneak in, what would happen if the Ning family knew that you wanted to take the Heavenly Thunder Fruit all by yourself?”

Kai knew that if Ning Cai Chen knew that Shi Tie Qiao had lied to him, he would definitely be furious, and with Shi Tie Qiao’s skills, he would probably be slapped to death by Ning Cai Chen with one slap!

“Hmph, didn’t you sneak in too?”

“Besides, that Ning Cai Chen didn’t intend to share it with us equally in the first place, he’s also lying to me, where are the hundred Heavenly Thunder Fruits here, there’s obviously only ten, and when we kill that Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle, he won’t share it with us either.”

“I advise you to mind your own business, get lost right now and I’ll let you off the hook for letting our three pterodactyls go, if you don’t, then don’t blame me for being ungracious!”

Shi Tieqiao threatened at Kai!

“Just by you?” Kai smiled coldly “When you weren’t injured, you weren’t even a match for me, now that you’ve been injured, do you still want to make a move on me?”

“And even if I left, you wouldn’t be able to pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, this Heavenly Thunder Tree is protected by the power of lightning, weren’t you just knocked down by the power of lightning?”

“Never mind, if you don’t leave, the two of us will definitely be able to kill you if we join forces.”

At that moment, the old crone spoke up!

Although Shi Tieqiao was injured, she was after all a fifth rank of the Harmony Realm, plus she was also a fifth rank of the Harmony Realm in strength, so she didn’t believe that she couldn’t deal with a tiny second rank of the Harmony Realm like Kai!

As for the three monstrous thieves, they didn’t have any skills, they only knew a few sneaky skills!

So Shi Tieqiao and the old woman didn’t even think of the Three Strange Thieves!

“Even if you two join forces, I can still make you beg for mercy on your knees in less than three moves!”

Kai said with a confident expression!

“Kid, are you determined not to leave? Do you want to fight against my Flying Sky Sect to the end?”

Shi Tieqiao frowned and glared angrily at Kai!

“I don’t want to antagonize your Flying Heaven Sect, I just want to get the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, if you leave now, I can spare you two from death as well!”

Kai said indifferently!

“Kid, you’re too wild ……”

The old woman was completely enraged and said to Shi Tieqiao, “Old Shi, don’t talk nonsense to him, just waste him ……”

After saying that, the old woman leaped up, and at some point, there was a long sword in her hand!

The sword aura exploded, flying towards Kai stabbed!

As Kai watched the old woman swing her sword, his face was surprisingly calm.

“Competing with me with a sword, you are still too young ……”

Kai said, and with a flick of his right hand, the Dragon Cutting Sword instantly appeared in his hand!

Immediately afterwards a divine dragon’s power was injected into the body of the Dragon Chopper Sword, a dragon roar roared out, accompanied by a golden light flash!

All that could be heard was a click!

The old woman’s face changed dramatically and she hurriedly retreated backwards, stopping only after retreating a dozen metres in a row!

When she looked at the long sword in her hand, she found that it had already broken, leaving only the hilt in her hand!

And at this moment, a long bloody scar was on her chest, and blood was flowing out!

The old woman’s face turned as ugly as if she had eaten a dead rat!

She knew that just now Kai had stayed his hand, if he hadn’t, that sword would have killed her!

At this moment, Shi Tieqiao looked at this scene and was shocked beyond words, knowing that this old woman in front of him was an expert in the use of swords in their Flying Heaven Sect!

Her sword skills were definitely one of the best, yet she didn’t want to be able to survive even one move in front of Kai.

They didn’t even know that Kai’s attainment with the sword had already reached the highest level!


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