A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2772

“Of course, what kind of person do you take me, Ning Cai Chen, besides, the Heavenly Thunder Tree is full of Heavenly Thunder Fruits, there are hundreds of them, even if one of you shares one, what can you do?”

Ning Cai Chen patted his chest and said!

Ning Cai Chen knew that Shi Tieqiao had not entered the Eagle King’s Cave, so he did not know how many Heavenly Lightning Fruits were on the Heavenly Lightning Tree!

That was why he had said so, so that these people from Shi Tieqiao would be relieved to know that there were many Heavenly Thunder Fruits!

As a matter of fact, once Shi Tieqiao heard that there were so many Heavenly Thunder Fruits, he instantly put his heart down and said, “Well, let’s work together and kill all these demonic beasts before we go in and pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruits ……”

The two sides reached a cooperation, a time when the two sides of the people into one, towards those demon beasts rushed to kill!

Ning Cai Chen followed the bloodthirsty thunder eagle of the eighth grade of the Harmonious Body realm and fought together!

“Mr. Chen, what about us?”

The Three Monstrous Thieves looked to Kai and asked!

“Find a way to get closer to the cave entrance and really kill all these demonic beasts, then the Ning family will never take out the Heavenly Thunder Fruit and share it.”

Kai said!

Kai wanted to take advantage of the chaos to sneak close to the cave entrance and enter the Eagle King’s Cave to pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruits!

Just now, when that Ning Cai Chen followed Shi Tie Qiao and said that there were hundreds of Heavenly Thunder Fruits, Kai knew what this guy had in mind, and that he would definitely refuse to take the Heavenly Thunder Fruits out and share them!

After all, with only ten Heavenly Thunder Fruits, it would be impossible to distribute them among so many people!

Kai held the Dragon Chopper Sword and led the three monstrous thieves towards the cave entrance as he charged and killed!

There was no one paying attention to the movements of Kai and the others!

Throughout the mountain forest, fighting broke out again, but it was clear that the human cultivators had the upper hand!

Ning Cai Chen followed the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk of the eighth rank of the Combined Body realm, and although he was struggling a little, he wasn’t defeated right away!

By the time all the other demonic beasts were killed, it would be much easier for them to fight this Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk together!

Kai kept swinging and slashing, and several demonic beasts died under his sword!

After Kai and the Three Monstrous Thieves approached the cave entrance, they immediately charged in!

The few who had originally gone in once, quickly approached towards the Heavenly Thunder Tree!

But just after Kai and the Three Monstrous Thieves had entered the cave, they found two figures in the cave as well!

Kai hid himself and looked at them, but found that they were Shi Tieqiao and the old woman!

These two had taken advantage of the chaos to sneak into the Eagle King’s Cave!

It seems that Shi Tieqiao did not trust Ning Caishen, so he took advantage of the chaos to sneak into the cave!

“Damn, this Ning Cai Chen, he really did lie to me, there were only ten Heavenly Thunder Fruits on the Heavenly Thunder Tree!”

Shi Tieqiao looked at the Heavenly Thunder Fruits on the Heavenly Thunder Tree and couldn’t help but frown!

“Old Shi, let’s take advantage of the chaos outside to pluck the Heavenly Thunder Fruits and sneak away!”

“If the Patriarch knows that we stole the Heavenly Thunder Fruits, he definitely won’t be pursuing us for losing the Pterodactyl.”

The old woman said to Shi Tieqiao!

“Good, I’ll take down the Heavenly Thunder Fruit here ……”

Shi Tieqiao nodded, and then his body leapt up!

Rumble …………

But just as Shi Tieqiao’s body was about to touch the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, suddenly a lightning bolt from the Heavenly Thunder Tree struck Shi Tieqiao’s body!

Shi Tieqiao’s body was instantly knocked down and smashed heavily on the ground!

“Old Shi …………”

That old woman rushed over to check!

At this moment, that Shi Tieqiao’s face was iron blue and there was blood at the corner of his mouth, it seemed that the lightning strike just now was not light indeed!

“Cough cough cough …………”

Shi Tieqiao got up, coughing violently twice, his eyes full of amazement and said “Has this Heavenly Thunder Tree been placed in a formation? How come there is still thunder and lightning?”

“This Heavenly Lightning Tree was formed because it was struck by lightning and absorbed the power of lightning, so this Heavenly Lightning Tree itself carries the power of lightning, where is the need for a formation!”

At this point, Kai walked out with the Three Monstrous Thieves!

“It’s you kid?” When Shi Tieqiao saw Kai and the Three Monstrous Thieves, his face was filled with anger!


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