A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2771

Seeing Shi Tieqiao take the lead in retreating, the other cultivators were also the first to retreat backwards!

Those of them did not yet know that the Thunder Eagle King was not in the cave!

This Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle in front of them was not the Thunder Eagle King, and it had already reached the strength of the eighth grade of the Combined Body realm, so wouldn’t the Thunder Eagle King’s strength be at the Transmigration stage.

As soon as they thought of this, those cultivators retreated even faster!

Seeing Shi Tieqiao leading the many cultivators to retreat, Ning Cai Chen was dumbfounded, he had originally wanted to follow Shi Tieqiao and make it clear that the Thunder Eagle King was not in the cave!

But before Shi Tieqiao could even wait for Ning Cai Chen to make it clear, he turned around and ran back!

Now when Ning Cai Chen ran off with his men, only they, the Ning Family, were left to face these demonic beasts!

As for Kai and the four of them, Ning Cai Chen had never put them in his eyes since the beginning, because their realms were just too low!

“Dad, what do we do?” Ning Can asked.

“Back off first. ……”

Ning Cai Chen wasn’t sure about letting this point of their Ning family face these demonic beasts!

If they didn’t have this Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk of the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm, Ning Cai Chen could still try, but now they didn’t even have the courage to give it a try!

Ning Cai Chen led the Ning Clan’s people to start backing away quickly as well!

As soon as Kai saw that they had all run away, he also led the Three Monstrous Thieves backwards!

Although the Heavenly Thunder Fruit was a good thing, lives were more important!

As soon as everyone retreated, the huge Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle spread its wings and then flew into the sky, along with the flash of its wings, several feathers were like sharp swords, attacking towards those fleeing cultivators!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh …………

Several feathers instantly pierced through the chests of several cultivators, causing them to fall to the ground instantly!

Looking at the fallen cultivators, Shi Tieqiao’s brow just furrowed!

Their escape speed was simply no match for that Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle, so now it was difficult to escape!

“Everyone, don’t run, this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle is too fast, if we run any further, we will all be decimated one by one!”

Shi Tieqiao knew that it wouldn’t be of the slightest use in desperately running away, so he hurriedly stopped the crowd!

Shi Tieqiao and the others stopped running, and Ning Cai Chen led his men to catch up soon after!

“Elder Shi, your people from the Flying Sky Sect, they have no other skills, but they are quite quick to escape!”

Ning Cai Chen said with dissatisfaction!

“Master Ning, what are you saying, this Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk of the eighth rank of the Combined Body realm is difficult enough for us to be able to deal with, if that Thunderhawk King appears, won’t we all become a meal in the belly of these demonic beasts?”

Shi Tieqiao was very dissatisfied with Ning Cai Chen’s words!

“Who told you that that Thunder Eagle King was in the cave?”

“That Thunder Eagle King is in Jialing County right now, and it was only when I got the news that I rushed to the Eagle King Cave.”

“If the Thunder Eagle King were here, I wouldn’t dare to come!”

Ning Cai Chen said!

When Shi Tieqiao heard this, he was discontented and said, “Then why didn’t you say that the Thunder Eagle King wasn’t here in the first place? Did you want to enter the Eagle King’s Cave first and take the Heavenly Thunder Fruit all to yourself?”

At that time, Shi Tieqiao was afraid that the Thunderhawk King was there, so he let Ning Cai Chen lead his men into the Eagle King’s Cave first!

If he had known that the Thunder Eagle King wasn’t there, he would have led his men to be the first to enter, after all, the person who entered the Eagle King Cave first would definitely be the most advantageous!

Ning Cai Chen was a little embarrassed, after all, Shi Tie Qiao was right, Ning Cai Chen just had the intention to take all the Heavenly Thunder Fruits for himself!

“Elder Shi, now is not the time for us to argue about this, we need to join forces to deal with this Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk of the eighth rank of the Combined Body realm first, once we kill this Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk, the others will not be enough to worry about.”

Ning Cai Chen said to Shi Tie Qiao!

“Master Ning, among these people, you are the only one with the strength to reach the eighth rank of the Combined Body Realm and can deal with that Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle!”

“Amongst us, the highest of these people is only at the seventh rank of the Combined Body Realm, when we kill this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle and get the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, will you share it with us?”

Shi Tieqiao asked with a face full of doubts!


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