A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2770

This Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk was obviously the one the Thunderhawk King had placed on guard in the cave when he left!

Only when it saw someone stealing the Heavenly Thunder Fruits did this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle appear!

With a cry from this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle, the entire Eagle King’s Cave began to tremble, and then from the other side of the Eagle King’s Cave, countless Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles surged out!

“Holy shit …………”

When Kai saw this, he cursed angrily and turned around to run!

To follow so many Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles in a fight within this Eagle King’s Cave would be to seek death, and there was no way to exert oneself!

Seeing that Kai had run away, the three monstrous thieves also hurriedly used space travel, and in two flashes, they were already out!

Ning Cai Chen was dumbfounded when he saw so many Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles suddenly emerge!

It was only after Ning Can shouted that he led the men to run desperately outwards!

Although the Thunderhawk King was not present, it was impossible for the Thunderhawk King to have no arrangements for something so important.


A cry resounded through the sky, followed by a raging aura erupting from within the Eagle King’s cave, carrying with it an endless fury!

Countless Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles flew out from within the Eagle King’s Cave!

Shi Tieqiao and the others, who were originally at the entrance of the cave, were all stunned at the sudden appearance of so many Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles!

But soon, they reacted and picked up their weapons to kill the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles, and some formation masters began to set up formations to deal with these Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles!

Seeing this, Kai also stopped fleeing, and instead struck a bolt of supreme fire into the others’ formations, and in an instant the flames burst into the sky!

The formation was augmented by the Fire, and those Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles fell one after another!

Kai knew that even though the Thunder Eagle King was not here, he had to destroy these Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles if he wanted to get the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

That Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle of the eighth grade of the Harmony Realm did not come out of the Eagle King’s cave and was guarding the Heavenly Thunder Tree to death!

Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagles kept flying out of the cave, and other demonic beasts were also coming from all directions!

For a while, the hissing of demonic beasts and the cries of human cultivators resounded continuously in this area!

Although Shi Tieqiao had a problem with Kai, at this point in time, they were only focused on killing the demonic beasts, and no one was looking for trouble with each other!

Because everyone knew that if they didn’t kill these beasts, it would be very difficult for them to leave this place safely!

The corpses of the demonic beasts on the ground were already spread all over the ground!

These demonic beasts were guarding the entrance of the cave to death, not allowing Kai and the others to enter!

But these demon beasts were obviously weaker, and with the constant killing, the number of demon beasts was getting smaller and smaller!

At that moment, the whole earth suddenly trembled, and then the enormous Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle inside the cave flew out, his body bursting with a powerful aura!

The bloodthirsty thunder eagle’s eyes were filled with rage, and the feathers on its body gradually turned blood red in anger!

With a harsh hiss, the manic aura instantly rushed towards the crowd, like a huge wave of breath that blew some cultivators with low cultivation levels straight backwards!

If it wasn’t for Kai protecting them, the three of them would have been blown away by the manic breath!

“A Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk of the eighth rank of the Combined Body realm? Could this be the Thunder Eagle King?”

Shi Tieqiao’s face instantly changed after seeing this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle!

A Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle of this cultivation level was simply not something that Shi Tieqiao could deal with, he was only at the fifth rank of the Harmony Realm, trying to follow a Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle of the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm and fight it would be like hitting a stone with an egg!

“This isn’t the Thunder Eagle King, the Thunder Eagle King’s strength wouldn’t be this bad ……”

Ning Caixin said!

Once Shi Tieqiao heard that the Thunder Eagle King was even stronger, he instantly turned pale with fear.

“Retreat …………”

Shi Tieqiao took the lead with that old woman and retreated backwards, this kind of demonic beast was not something they could handle!


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