A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2769

“You don’t want to go!” Ning Cai Chen shook his head, then pointed at a Ning family servant and said “You go, pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruit ……”

“As ordered ……”

That Ning Family servant didn’t dare to disobey the understanding, although he was also afraid, he still slowly approached the Heavenly Lightning Tree with a stiff head!

“Mr. Chen, what do we do?”

“Or else, the three of us brothers use spatial shuttle to pick a few Heavenly Thunder Fruits down first?”

Da Jie said to Kai.

“Don’t make any rash moves yet, this Heavenly Thunder Fruit shouldn’t be that easy to pick.”

Kai stopped the three monstrous thieves!

Just as Kai finished his words, he only saw the Ning Family’s underling leap and head straight for the Heavenly Thunder Fruit on the tree!

Boom …………

Just as that Ning Family servant was approaching the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, a huge bolt of lightning suddenly struck that Ning Family servant’s body with a fierce blow!

With a violent explosion, that Ning Family servant’s body was instantly dispersed by the huge lightning bolt, not even leaving his corpse behind!

Seeing this scene, Ning Cai Chen’s brow instantly furrowed, and the others were all filled with surprise!

The Three Monstrous Thieves, on the other hand, gulped in fear.

If Kai hadn’t stopped them, perhaps the three of them would have gone up in smoke by now!

“This Thunder Hawk King is really cautious, it seems that this Heavenly Thunder Fruit is really not easy to get hold of!”

Ning Cai Chen said with a frown!

“Dad, what do we do then?” Ning Can asked!

“Don’t worry, I’ve already guessed this situation, so I’ve prepared for it!”

With that, Ning Cai Chen pulled out a bronze mirror from his arms, only to see that one side of the mirror was smooth and incomparable, while the other side was carved with several fierce beasts!

“This is an ancestral treasure of my Ning family, called the Rui Beast Mirror, with it in place, that lightning will be reflected out and can’t cause any damage!”

Ning Cai Chen said, handing the Rui Beast Mirror to a Ning Family servant, “Take the Rui Beast Mirror and go and pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

Although that Ning family servant was afraid, he still took the Rui Beast Mirror and obediently walked towards the Heavenly Lightning Tree!

The Ning family servant was scared even though he was holding the Mirror of the Rui Beast, and his legs were trembling as he approached the tree!

Kai looked at that Ning Cai Chen, so this guy was really prepared for everything, he even had a weapon to deal with lightning!

That Ning family servant with the Rui Beast Mirror, after approaching the Heavenly Thunder Tree, gave a violent push, his body instantly leapt up, then reached out and grabbed towards the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

Rumble …………

Suddenly, a lightning bolt erupted from the Heavenly Thunder Tree, viciously striking that Ning Family’s underling’s outstretched hand.

And when that Ning Family servant saw this, he hurriedly raised the Rui Beast Mirror in his hand, and the lightning struck the Rui Beast Mirror and was instantly reflected to one side!

The lightning was reflected and the tremendous force struck the cave, causing a shaking in the cave and rocks to fall one after another!

Seeing that the mirror had worked, Ning Cai Chen was overjoyed and said loudly, “Quick, the lightning can’t hurt you anymore, hurry up and pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!”

Seeing this, the Ning family servant was also overjoyed and reached out to grab the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!

But just as he was about to grab the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, a sudden gust of wind blew up and instantly blew the Ning family servant off his feet!

Then a huge Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle appeared in front of the crowd, with a pair of wide wings that generated enormous power with every wave!

“Is this …… this the Thunder Eagle King?”

The three monstrous thieves said with shock on their faces!

They had not seen the Thunder Eagle King before, so when they saw such a huge Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle, they thought it was the Thunder Eagle King that had appeared!

“This shouldn’t be the Thunder Eagle King, the strength of this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle is not yet at the Transmigration Realm, at most it’s just the eighth grade of the Combined Body Realm!”

Kai looked at the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle in front of him and slowly said!

As Ning Cai Chen looked at the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle that had appeared, he was secretly relieved, for he could also see that this was not the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle King, so there was no need to be so afraid!


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