A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2768

“Lord Ning guessed wrong, we were forced to do so.”

Shi Tieqiao followed Ning Cai Chen and spoke in detail about the crash of the airship.

When Ning Cai Chen heard that it was Kai who had set the three-headed pterodactyl free, causing the dirigible to crash, he couldn’t help but give Kai a double take!

“Elder Shi, this kid doesn’t look high in realm, so if you kill him, it won’t be as easy as a snap?”

Ning Cai Chen asked!

After all, the Winged Dragon was precious to the Flying Sky Sect, and now that it had been let go by Kai, how could Shi Tieqiao let Kai go!

“I was planning to kill him, it’s just a pity that this is the territory of the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks, and we ran into many demonic beasts, so we were scattered!”

“I didn’t expect this kid to be quite bold, he also dared to come to this Eagle King Cave.”

Shi Tieqiao said, his eyes viciously looking at Kai!

“Elder Shi, you must not make a move here again, if you alert that Thunder Eagle King, we will all be finished ……”

Ning Cai Chen hurriedly persuaded Shi Tie Qiao!

Of course Shi Tieqiao knew that too, or else he would have made his move as soon as we met!

Kai looked at the two men who were talking, he did not move against, now that so many people were together, they were all running for the Heavenly Thunder Fruit.

Kai had to find a way to preserve his strength in order to get the Heavenly Thunder Fruit into his hands at the right time.

“Master Ning, you have come specifically for the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, so you must be completely prepared, or else how about you lead someone in to explore first?”

Shi Tieqiao said to Ning Cai Chen!

Shi Tieqiao knew that these people he had brought with him were many of the cultivators on the airship, some of them had only just met each other, don’t look like there were quite a few of them, but they wouldn’t form an overall fighting force!

But Ning Cai Chen was different, the ones he had brought were the elite of the Ning Family, although there were only a dozen of them, these people could act together and completely obey Ning Cai Chen’s command!

That’s why Shi Tieqiao let Ning Cai Chen take the lead, and if there was any danger, let Ning Cai Chen carry the load first!

“No problem ……”

After hearing this, Ning Cai Chen agreed with his mouth full.

Because Ning Cai Chen knew that there was a high chance that the Thunderhawk King wasn’t in the cave, and the person who entered the cave first would definitely have a huge advantage when the time came!

When Shi Tieqiao saw Ning Cai Chen agree so readily, he still looked a little surprised!

Ning Cai Chen led the Ning family and slowly entered the cave.

Shi Tieqiao led his men to guard outside the cave, as soon as there was any movement inside, they would immediately evacuate, after all, no one wanted to face the Thunder Eagle King of the Transmigration Realm!

Shi Tieqiao didn’t move with his men, but Kai followed the Ning family into the cave with the Three Monstrous Thieves!

Ning Cai Chen frowned slightly and glanced at Kai, but ignored him.

As far as he was concerned, Kai was just a small cultivator at the second level of the Harmonious Body realm, and would have no effect on them at all!

As Ning Cai Chen led them slowly deeper, Kai felt more and more the terror of that thunderbolt’s power!

Soon, a light flashed past and the crowd saw a heart-stopping sight!

In the middle of the Eagle King’s Cave, a huge Heavenly Lightning Tree was standing in the middle of the cave, its branches and leaves flourishing, and there were endless thunderbolts pulsating around it, like a thunder snake dancing wildly.

And on this Heavenly Thunder Tree, ten fist-sized Heavenly Thunder Fruits were flickering with lightning.

“The Heavenly Thunder Fruits …………”

Seeing the Heavenly Thunder Fruits, Ning Cai Chen immediately shouted out in excitement!

Kai was startled when he saw that Ning Cai Chen shouting, afraid that he would draw out that Thunder Eagle King!

Luckily, there was no movement inside the Eagle King’s cave, so Kai breathed a sigh of relief!

If the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle King was lured out, none of them would be able to leave!

“That Thunder Eagle King is really no more, it’s like heaven is helping me ……”

Ning Cai Chen said happily!

Hearing Ning Cai Chen’s words, Kai then understood why this Ning Cai Chen dared to be the first to enter!

“Dad, I’ll go and pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruits off ……”

Ning Can looked at the full Heavenly Thunder Fruits and said with full excitement!


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