A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2767

At this moment, Kai had already brought the Three Monstrous Thieves close to the Eagle King’s Cave.

Kai could even clearly feel the very strong thunder and lightning power within the Eagle King’s Cave, which should be the power emanating from the Heavenly Thunder Tree!

This kind of lightning power was even a little more terrifying than the lightning tribulation that Kai had suffered!

Kai’s heart was already in his throat, he was only at the second level of the Harmonious Body Realm, if he really encountered a strong person who had undergone a tribulation, he would not have the slightest chance of surviving even if he used all his life-saving measures!

They also understood the terror of the Thunder Hawk King, even those ordinary Bloodthirsty Thunder Hawks were difficult for them to deal with, if they were to face the Thunder Hawk King, they were afraid that they would be killed in seconds!

Kai took a deep breath and once again struck several concealment spells to hide their scent, and then slowly approached the Eagle King’s cave!

Kai didn’t even know that the Thunder Eagle King was not in the cave, if the Thunder Eagle King was in the cave, even if Kai concealed his breath, it wouldn’t be of the slightest use!

When one reaches the transmigration stage, every step of advancement is difficult, and one has to prepare a lot of resources to face the final sprint of the transmigration stage!

There are only one in ten cultivators who can succeed in the Transition stage, and many of them spend their entire lives in the Transition stage!

But after breaking through the transmigration stage, all cultivators will return to their origin and feel the power of their origin, and only those who have broken through the transmigration stage can be called true half-immortals.

They only need to improve their strength a little, waiting for the day when they will ascend, and cultivators at this realm are just like ordinary people!

Just as Kai was slowly approaching the Eagle King’s Cave with the Three Monstrous Thieves, Ning Cai Chen was also approaching the Eagle King’s Cave with the Ning Clan’s men!

And in other directions, there were quite a few cultivators slowly approaching as well!

After all, the Heavenly Thunder Fruit was too tempting, so it was only normal for someone to risk their lives!

Several parties were approaching the Eagle King’s Cave at the same time, each holding their breath and concealing their aura to the extreme!

But just as he reached the entrance of the Eagle King’s Cave, he suddenly froze!

The men ran into each other and looked at each other!

Kai glanced at them and found that many of them were cultivators from the dirigible, and among them were that Shi Tieqiao and that old crone.

When Shi Tieqiao saw that even Kai had dared to come to the Eagle King Cave with the Three Monstrous Thieves, the anger on his face instantly showed!

And Kai looked to the other side and found that it was a group of strangers, but looking at the clothing worn, they should be from a clan or a sect!

But soon, Kai looked at that Ning Can, his brow frowned slightly, he always felt that this Ning Can looked familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere, but he couldn’t remember for a while!

That Ning Can also saw Kai and was also stunned. He looked at Kai for a couple of seconds, but he couldn’t remember who Kai was either!

After all, at that time, Kai was mixed in with the villagers, so Ning Can didn’t pay much attention to him at all!

“Mr. Chen, over here is someone from the Ning family, I didn’t expect people from the Ning family to come to the Eagle King Cave as well.”

Da Jie whispered to Kai!

Kai didn’t have any impression of the Ning Family, nor had he heard of them, so he didn’t care too much!

What he was more concerned about was Shi Tieqiao and the old crone, Kai was afraid that Shi Tieqiao wouldn’t be able to resist and strike at them directly, in that case, his scent would be completely exposed and he would soon be discovered!

“Elder Shi …………”

As the people who had met were all dazed, Ning Cai Chen slowly walked towards Shi Tie Qiao and gave a greeting!

It was obvious that Ning Cai Chen knew Shi Tieqiao!

“Master Ning, I didn’t expect you to bring someone to the Eagle King Cave, could it be that you’ve come for the Heavenly Thunder Fruit as well?”

Shi Tieqiao asked to Ning Cai Chen!

Ning Cai Chen smiled and said indifferently “Elder Shi has brought so many people here, isn’t it also for the Heavenly Thunder Fruit.”


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