A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2766

Seeing that Kai’s mind was already made up, Liu Ruyan said nothing more, she knew that what Kai had decided to do, he must do it!

“Mr. Chen, we three brothers should go with you, if anything happens, we will also have something to look after!”

Da Jie hurriedly followed Kai and said!

The three of them all had their life-soul in Kai, if Kai died, then the three of them wouldn’t want to live either, they would die together then!

It was better to follow Kai, if Kai was in any danger, they could still help!

Kai glanced at Da Jie, he knew what was on the minds of these three, so he smiled and nodded “Alright, you three follow me!”

After Kai followed Liu Ruyan and said a few more words, the few people separated!

Liu Ruyan and the Third Elder took Yih with them, and followed the direction Yih had guided them in, towards the outside of the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk’s territory!

Kai, on the other hand, led the Three Monstrous Thieves deeper into the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk’s territory!

Demonic beasts like these were very sensitive to their scent, so Kai took out a talisman and struck it on the three monstrous thieves to help them conceal their scent!

Kai’s aim was to pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruit, so it was best if there was no fighting!

Every time they walked a certain distance, Kai would stop his form and set up a formation.

The Three Monstrous Thieves didn’t know exactly what kind of formation Kai had set up, and although they were curious, they didn’t dare to ask!

And along the way, Kai and the others came across quite a few cultivators, some of whom had long since died, their bodies gnawed by demonic beasts with nothing but white bones left!

There were also some cultivators who were injured, their breath weak, lying under the trees!

Kai looked at these injured cultivators and could only pray silently, not being able to save them!

After all, people are selfish, and if these people weren’t selfish and could unite as one, they wouldn’t be chased and killed by these demonic beasts!

Just as Kai was approaching the Eagle King’s Cave with the Three Monstrous Thieves, on the other side of the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle’s territory, a group of people also entered, and these were not those cultivators from the airship!

All that could be seen was that these dozen or so people were all wearing crisp grey cloth tunics, with the word Ning embroidered on their chests!

And in front of these people, a young man in a white tunic was none other than Ning Can, who had met Kai, and beside Ning Can was his father, Ning Caishen!

This time, Ning Cai Chen had personally led a team to the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle’s territory, just to pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruits!

The old ancestor of the Ning family had been resurrected, but his strength had never been able to return to its former peak state!

It was only on the advice of Master Huang Yushi that Ning Cai Chen came to pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruits, so that the Ning Family Ancestor could regain his strength!

If their Ning Family Ancestor regained his strength, then their Ning Family’s status in the entire Celestial Realm would be raised considerably!

“Dad, I’ve heard that this Thunderhawk King is at the Transmigration Realm, so even these people of ours are no match at all, right?”

“And why do I feel strange after that old ancestor woke up? Look at his strength, he’s not much stronger than me!”

“And that woman Linglong said the other day that our Ning ancestor was some kind of Inferno Demon body, is she crazy? She looks like a demon cultivator to me!”

Ning Can kept chattering in Ning Cai Chen’s ears!

Ning Cai Chen frowned and gave Ning Chan a fierce glare, “Shut up, if I hear you bad-mouthing the old ancestor again, I’ll cut your tongue out.”

“Whether or not our Ning family can prosper and make a name for itself in the Celestial Realm now depends on the old ancestor.”

“And about that woman looking for the old ancestor, you are not allowed to say anything to anyone ……”

Seeing that his father was really angry, Ning Can could only keep his mouth shut and not speak anymore!

Looking at Ning Can’s appearance, Ning Cai Chen spoke again “I got news that that Thunder Eagle King should have gone to Jialing County, I think he must have gone to the Pill Master Meeting, it’s a good time to steal the Heavenly Thunder Fruit!”

After Ning Cai Chen finished speaking, he led the group to quickly approach the Eagle King’s Cave!


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