A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2765

The moment the bodies of the three monstrous thieves disappeared, Shi Tieqiao’s body, which was originally charging forward, actually made a direct turn and slapped out with a fierce slap!

With a fluctuation in the void, the bodies of the Three Monstrous Thieves appeared, among which Big Jay was hit by that Shi Tie Qiao’s palm on his shoulder, and his face looked a bit ugly!

“Hahahaha, you three fellows, with your little tricks, I have guessed it long ago, trying to tease me with your time travel technique, it is simply impossible ……”

Seeing his palm hit, Shi Tieqiao laughed out loud!

“Old thing, it seems that if I don’t give you some eye candy, you really take us three brothers as good bullies ……”

The three Jie said, casually choking, and immediately after that a faint light began to flicker in the mid-air.

Immediately after a curtain of light appeared, along with the curtain of light appeared, this curtain of light actually mapped out the image of Shi Tieqiao and that old crone cheating on each other.

The image was so unpleasant that when the crowd saw it, they couldn’t help but laugh out loud!

When the old woman saw this, she turned red with shame and ran far away!

And Shi Tieqiao was even more furious at this time, his eyes full of scarlet red said “Stop it, I will break you into pieces ……”

Just when Shi Tieqiao was furious and ready to strike again, suddenly the sky darkened, followed by the earth trembling!

The people saw this, hurriedly spread out the divine sense, in all directions to investigate, this investigation does not matter, each face all become grave!

“Oh no, this is the territory of the Bloodthirsty Thunder Hawk, we’ve been discovered.”

“There are so many demonic beasts, they are coming this way ……”

“Trouble, run quickly, how did we land in this place!”

One word from the crowd and people started to swipe out in a hurry and run away!

“Mr. Chen, let’s run, this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle is very brutal, and it doesn’t have a good feeling towards the human race.”

“Basically, all human races that pass through his territory will be killed by this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle.”

Yih Demon Emperor frowned and said to Kai!

“Good, let’s go ……”

Kai nodded, and then called for the Three Monstrous Thieves and quickly fled!

At this moment, that Shi Tieqiao couldn’t be bothered to be chasing after the three monstrous thieves, and also took that old crone with him to flee for his life!

Although there were hundreds of cultivators in the whole dirigible, and all of them were not low in strength, these people were not united, so when they encountered danger, they all scattered and fled in all directions.

If these people could unite and defend themselves together, they would not have to fear the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle!

But now, with no one to lead them, the hundreds of cultivators scattered and all ran away without a trace!

“Yih, I remember you saying that there is a Heavenly Thunder Tree inside this Eagle King’s Cave, and that the Heavenly Thunder Tree bears Heavenly Thunder Fruits?”

Kai asked to Yih!

“Not bad, indeed, and the Heavenly Thunder Fruits are incredibly precious and are a superior cultivation resource!”

Yi Hyuk nodded and said.

But just as he finished speaking, Yi He realized that something was wrong and hurriedly asked, “Mr. Chen, why are you asking this, could it be that you want to pick the Heavenly Thunder Fruits?”

“Since we are here, I would like to try ……”

Kai said!

“Mr. Chen, you must not take the risk, that Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle King’s strength is not low, he’s already at the transmigration realm, he’s relying on that Heavenly Thunder Fruit, thinking of succeeding in transmigration.”

“If we go to pick his Heavenly Thunder Fruit, that Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle King will definitely fight to protect it, if I am not poisoned and my strength is not suppressed, I can give it a try.”

“But now, all of us together, I’m afraid we won’t be enough for that Thunder Eagle King to slap ……”

Yih discouraged Kai!

“Alright, I’m just going to try, if I can’t get it, I’ll escape.”

“You guys get out of here first, find a place to hide and we’ll be in touch then!”

Kai said!

“Kai, you’d better not go, what are you doing risking your life now that the Pill Master’s meeting is about to start.”

Liu Ruyan looked at Kai, her face full of worry!

“Don’t worry, I will be fine.”

Kai said with a faint smile!


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