A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2764

Shi Tieqiao also looked at Kai in shock, his face full of incredulity, he had always thought that with his strength of the fifth grade of the Combined Body realm, to deal with these people like Kai, it was simply a handful, but he didn’t expect to be shaken back by Kai with a single palm!

At this moment, Shi Tieqiao was not only shocked, but also ashamed, so many people were watching, he was a fifth ranked elder of the Flying Heaven Sect, yet he was knocked back by Kai, an unknown junior!

The old woman beside Shi Tieqiao also changed her face and glared angrily at Kai, “Good boy, you are hiding your strength and pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger here ……”

The old crone thought that Kai’s realm was not what he saw, he must have hidden his strength, otherwise he could not have knocked Shi Tieqiao back with one palm!

The most shocked people at this time were the three monstrous thieves behind Kai, they knew the strength of Shi Tieqiao, the fifth grade cultivator of the combined body realm, that is not something that ordinary people can just defeat!

If it wasn’t for their time travel skills and the fact that they had been stealing for a living, they would have been killed by the Flying Heaven Sect!

Now seeing Kai easily repel Shi Tieqiao, the three monstrous thieves began to be glad that they had made the choice to follow Kai in the first place!

“I am not hiding my strength, the realm you see is just my true strength now.”

“I don’t need to pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger either, with your kind of strength, it’s not my turn to pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger!”

Kai said to the old crone with a disdainful expression!

“Good boy, you do have the guts to go against my Flying Sky Sect, today, no matter what realm you are, the matter of letting our Winged Dragon go will definitely not just be forgotten!”

The old crone finished and looked towards Shi Tieqiao and said “Old Shi, let’s go together, I don’t believe that the two of us together are still not a match for this guy ……”

Shi Tieqiao nodded, and then a terrifying aura erupted from the two of them, which instantly enveloped towards Kai!

Seeing this, Liu Ruyan and the Third Elder instantly had a chilly look on their faces as they prepared to step forward to help Kai!

But before the two of them could make a move, the Three Monstrous Thieves jumped directly in front of Kai!

“Shi Tieqiao, do you two want to be shameless? As elders of the Flying Heaven Sect, it’s not enough for you to lean on the strong to bully the weak, but you still want to bully the young with the many, is this the kind of virtue you have in the Flying Heaven Sect?”

Da Jie roared at Shi Tieqiao with disdain!

“Right, does your Flying Heaven Clan still want to be shameless? You two elders were cheating on each other in the clan, and now you’re secretly protecting the dirigible together, I think you’re not protecting the dirigible, you’re doing it so that you can cheat more recklessly, right?”

Er Jie also said loudly!

When it was revealed that Shi Tieqiao and that old crone were cheating on each other, Shi Tieqiao and that old crone’s faces instantly turned red!

It was obvious that they had said something about the two men that had given them that look!

“Shi Tieqiao, let me tell you, we still have the photos of you cheating with this old woman, don’t think that no one knows that you are sneaking around, we brothers and three have peeped at you several times, do you want me to release them to you two in public now?”

Three Jie also spoke up, instantly igniting Shi Tieqiao’s anger to the extreme!

“Three Jie, you guys simply deserve to die, today I’m going to kill the three of you for the people ……”

Shi Tieqiao’s eyes burned with anger, and he shot towards the three strange thieves with anger!

When Kai saw this, he knew that the three thieves were no match for Shi Tieqiao and wanted to stop him, but he was stopped by Da Jie, “Mr. Chen, don’t worry about it, we can deal with it freely, otherwise how could we dare to commit crimes in their Flying Heaven Sect!”

After Big Jay finished speaking, he saw his body start to flicker and then he disappeared instantly!

Just as Big Jie disappeared, the other two figures of the Three Monstrous Thieves also disappeared!

Seeing the Weird Bandit Three disappearing, Shi Tieqiao wasn’t surprised, obviously he had already known the Weird Bandit Three’s methods!


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