A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2762

The pterodactyl looked at Kai with gratitude in its eyes, while Kai did as he was told and freed the other two pterodactyls!

The three pterosaurs surrounded Kai and kept flapping their wings as a cry rang out, as if they were saying thank you to Kai!

“You guys hurry up and go ……”

Kai waved his hand and said!

The three pterodactyls understood Kai’s words and after nodding, they then stirred their wings and rushed into the clouds!

Kai looked at the fleeing Three-Headed Pterodactyl and a smile appeared on his face!

At this moment, Kai did not know that it was because of his action today that he would later receive the full support of the Pterodactyl King!

But all this was an afterthought, after saving the three pterosaurs, Kai immediately returned to the front cabin!

The whole dirigible began to slide downwards with a violent shudder because of the escape of the pterosaurs!

“What’s going on?”

“What’s happening?”

“What’s going on here?”

Many passengers were confused by the violent trembling!

Even those two elders of the Flying Sky Sect were a little confused, they couldn’t figure out what Kai and the others had done when they entered the front cabin!

So the two of them hurriedly got up and quickly rushed towards the front cabin!

But when they reached the front cabin, they were frozen in their tracks!

Only to see that several Flying Sky Sect disciples in the front cabin had been killed, and the three-headed pterodactyl in front of them, pulling the dirigible, had long since disappeared!

The dirigible was now without power and was swooping downwards at a great speed!

“How dare you, how dare you let the pterodactyls go?”

The old man bellowed angrily!

How could he not have imagined that Kai and the others had entered the front cabin and not tried to hijack the airship, but had simply let the three pterodactyls go!

If he had known that was the case, he should have just stepped in to stop Kai and the others!

“Who are you people?”

Kai could not help but frown when he saw the two old men who suddenly rushed over!

“Hmph, we are the elders of the Flying Sky Sect, specialising in secretly protecting this airship flight, I didn’t expect a few of you unknowing fellows to dare to release our Flying Sky Sect’s winged dragon!”

The old man’s face turned red with anger, it was only because he had just played it smart that he hadn’t made a move to stop Kai and the others!

If word of this got back to the Flying Sky Sect, not to mention that he wouldn’t be able to be an elder, he might even lose his life!

As soon as Kai heard that the other party was from the Flying Heaven Sect, he instantly understood why these two people had been secretly watching when the Three Monstrous Thieves had made their move!

But the matter had come to this, Kai knew it was impossible to hide, so he simply showed his cards and said “You guys from the Flying Sky Clan, in order to seek your own interests, so mistreating the pterodactyls, simply damned ……”

“I think it’s you who deserve to die ……”

With that, the old man was about to strike at Kai!

But just then, along with a rumbling sound!

The dirigible shook violently once again, and the dirigible had struck the mountain, looking like dismemberment was about to happen!

“Get out of here ……”

Kai shouted, followed by his body instantly erupting into a cloud of golden light, charging straight upwards and punching a huge hole through the airship!

The three monstrous thieves also followed this big hole and hurriedly rushed towards the outside of the airship!

Seeing this, the two elders of the Flying Sky Sect did not dare to strike at Kai and fled the dirigible!

In a flash, there was chaos inside the dirigible, with many people fleeing the dirigible.

Just after everyone had fled the airship, it crashed heavily into the valley with an explosion of distance!

Luckily these passengers were all highly powerful cultivators, so they didn’t suffer any injuries, except that some of them were really shocked!

“Kai, are you alright?”

Liu Ruyan and the others had also escaped, and upon seeing Kai, they hurriedly asked with concern!

“I’m fine!”

Kai shook his head and said!

“What the hell is going on here? Where are the people from the Flying Sky Clan?”

“Is the Flying Sky Clan dry? How did this dirigible fall down?”

“I still have urgent business, if I’m delayed, I definitely won’t be able to get around this Flying Sky Sect.”

Everyone was cursing the Flying Sky Sect, they didn’t know that it was caused by Kai!


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