A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2761

Kai and the others had just arrived at the front cabin door when several members of the Flying Sky Clan who had been chatting instantly stopped Kai and the others!

“What are you doing? Go back to your positions!”

A member of the Flying Sky Clan said!

“We want to go into the front cabin and have a look around okay?”

Kai asked with a smile!

“No, the front cabin is not allowed to be viewed by passengers, you guys go back!”

Then the Flying Sky Clan member shook his head!

“Since we can’t watch it, we won’t watch it ……”

Kai said, and gave a wink towards the Three Monstrous Thieves!

Seeing this, the three quickly struck out and directly knocked a few members of the Flying Sky Sect out!

Since they didn’t make any noise, they didn’t alert the other passengers either!

Only, their movements all fell on those two old men!

“Should we stop it?”

The old woman asked!

“Don’t move yet, I’ll see what these people want!”

“Our Flying Sky Sect has been established for hundreds of years, and there has never been an incident where an airship was robbed.”

“It looks like today is going to catch up with the two of us, if the two of us solve it perfectly, we will definitely be commended when we return.”

The old man said with some excitement!

In fact, these two were both elders of the Flying Sky Sect, and each of them had already reached the fifth rank of the Combined Body realm!

The reason why they pretended to be tourists was that they were responsible for spying in the shadows, a sort of secret security on the airship.

And at this moment, after knocking out several members of the Flying Sky Sect, Kai stepped forward and gently placed one hand against the door, and with a little force, opened the door to the front cabin!

After several people entered the front cabin, Kai saw the corpses of several members of the Flying Sky Clan and frowned!

He didn’t expect the Three Monstrous Thieves to kill these members of the Flying Heavenly Clan. Kai only wanted to save the Pterodactyl, he didn’t want to kill anyone and follow the Flying Heavenly Clan into hatred!

But things had come to this, Kai couldn’t say anything, after all, the Three Monstrous Thieves had only entered the front cabin at his behest!

Standing in the front cabin, Kai could clearly see the three pterodactyls in front of him, flying with great vigour.

On the three-headed pterodactyl’s body, a wound was clearly visible.

An arm-thick chain was on the three-headed pterosaur’s body, while the other end was fixed on top of the dirigible!

Seeing this scene, Kai leapt up and followed the thick chain and walked directly onto one of the pterodactyls!

The pterodactyl also sensed Kai’s presence and gently shook its body and let out a hiss!

Kai hurriedly emitted his divine dragon power, then gently caressed the pterodactyl and said, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here to save you.”

Feeling the power of the divine dragon in Kai’s body, coupled with Kai’s reassurance, the pterodactyl instantly calmed down!

Standing on the broad back of the pterodactyl, Kai looked at the flashing chains and was in a bit of a quandary!

If he wanted to open these chains, he would have to use a sharp weapon like the Dragon Chopper, but if he used the Dragon Chopper, he might accidentally injure the Pteranodon!

But if he didn’t cut the chains with his sword, then he would have to unravel the formation on the chains little by little, and that would be too slow!

Just when Kai was at a loss, Ochre Yan in his mind hurriedly said, “Mr. Chen, you can use the fire to melt off the chain. ……”

Kai had already had the Supreme Flame in his body, but he had never thought of using it!

The first thing you need to do is to use your own fire.

The next thing he knew, Kai was holding his hand on the thick iron chain, which instantly turned red, and the formation patterns on it were flashing rapidly.

But soon, the pattern slowly disappeared, and the thick chain slowly melted!

When the chain broke, the pterodactyl instantly broke free from its bonds and flew into the sky before quickly flying back again, and it could be seen that the pterodactyl was acting very excited!


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