A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2759

The Ikh Demon Emperor gave Kai an analysis, after all, anyone who could get on a dirigible and travel to Jialing County would not be an ordinary person either!

“Kai, you want to save the pterodactyl that pulled the airship?”

Although the Ikh Demon Emperor spoke in a low voice, Liu Ruyan still heard it!

Kai nodded, to Liu Ruyan, Kai didn’t need to hide anything!

“Don’t be ridiculous, this winged dragon is very important to the Flying Sky Clan, if you try to save the winged dragon here, it will be impossible, by then we are afraid that we won’t even be able to get out of the Flying Sky Clan!”

“Don’t look at the Flying Heaven Clan as mainly a business, but the Flying Heaven Clan has quite a few experts, otherwise those riches of the Flying Heaven Clan would have been targeted long ago!”

Liu Ruyan warned at Kai!

“If we can’t do it here, then we’ll do it halfway, I must save these three pterodactyls!”

Kai said with a determined face!

Liu Ruyan looked at Kai’s determined eyes, although she did not know why Kai wanted to save the pterodactyls, but since Kai was so determined, then she had no choice but to support him.

As the saying goes, husband and wife follow each other, Liu Ruyan already considered herself as Kai’s woman, so of course she had to support whatever Kai wanted to do!

“Then think of a way to do it halfway, but don’t let these passengers know that it was us who let the Pterodactyl go, or else we will be targeted.”

Liu Ruyan said!

“Are all these people going to the Pill Master meeting in Jialing County? Not all of them are pill masters, right?”

Kai was a little surprised, didn’t he say that there weren’t many clans that focused on pill refining, how come in this region, there were so many people heading to Jialing County!

“Not pill masters, many of them are just going over to join the fun, to see if they can find some divine pills, and also to follow a certain pill refining sect to talk about cooperation at the pill masters’ meeting.”

Liu Ruyan explained.

As soon as Kai heard this, he realized that although that Pill Refining Meeting was a competition for pill masters, it still had more of a function of an exhibition and sales fair!

“Then do you know how many of these pterodactyls the Flying Sky Sect has?”

Kai asked as he turned to Liu Ruyan.

“I don’t know either!”

Liu Ruyan shook her head, after all, Liu Ruyan had been in a coma for years, she didn’t know a lot of things either!

“Boss, this Flying Sky Sect has these three pterodactyls ……”

“This kind of pterodactyl is very difficult to capture, this airship being pulled by a pterodactyl, the ticket price is very high, but only this kind of short distance, will be pulled by a pterodactyl, after all, if the road is too far, the pterodactyl can’t carry it!”

“Many airships use formations and then are powered by crystals, that big mountain to the southwest of the Flying Sky Clan is the one that produces crystals and has been mined by the Flying Sky Clan!”

The boss of the Three Monstrous Thieves poked his head out from behind and followed Kai as he explained!

As soon as Kai heard that there were only these three pterodactyls, his heart was much relieved, when the time came, all he had to do was to save these three pterodactyls!

If there were many pterodactyls in the Flying Sky Sect, Kai might not have the strength to save them all!

“Everyone, please take your seats, the airship will be taking off soon ……”

With a Flying Sky Clan staff member reminding!

Soon, the airship began to sway, and Kai saw that one of the Flying Sky Clan’s men was holding a long whip and fiercely whipping the pterodactyl’s body!

The three pterodactyls, who were originally resting, let out a wail after being whipped, then slowly got up and kept waving their wings!

The three pterodactyls were waving their wings desperately, and the airship, which was hundreds of metres long, was moving a little!

It could be seen that the three pterodactyls were struggling very hard, while the Flying Heavenly Clan’s men, who didn’t care at all, kept whipping the pterodactyls with their leather whips!

Seeing this scene, Kai couldn’t help the murderous aura in his eyes to start filling up, he could not wait to rush down right now and kill that Flying Sky Clan’s people!

After a few minutes of hard struggle, the dirigible finally left the ground, and then slowly rose into mid-air under the pull of the three pterodactyls!


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