A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2758

During the chat later, Kai learnt that the reason why these three guys had taken the path of robbery was because they had inadvertently learned a kind of spatial shuttle at a relic.

However, this kind of spatial shuttle required a very strict distance, only a short distance of ten or so metres. Just now, they escaped from the formation by using this kind of technique, first using their power to open a tiny gap in the formation, as long as they let the space inside and outside the formation connect, they could then use spatial shuttle and escape!

As soon as Kai heard this, he suddenly realized that he had thought that the three monstrous thieves had great skills, but it turned out that they had used this kind of spatial shuttle!

However, this technique was really good, but the distance was too short, similar to the Qiankun Circle that Ning Zhi used in the past, that Qiankun Circle was considered a magic weapon and could travel a hundred meters, only because it was damaged, it was damaged after only a few times of use!

“If you three brothers want to listen to me, then hand over your life souls so that I can believe you!”

Kai said to the three monstrous thieves!

“This …………”

Upon hearing that they had to hand over their Fate Souls, the three brothers all hesitated, knowing that handing over their Fate Souls would be like handing their lives over to Kai!

Kai saw the three hesitating, so he coldly snorted, “Since you don’t want to hand over your life souls, then hand over your lives, but don’t worry, I’ll only kill you, I won’t destroy your residual souls!”

“Maybe you are lucky and can be reborn years later ……”

Kai said, about to make his move, this time it scared the three monstrous thieves enough!

“Master forgive us, we pay, we pay ……”

The Three Monstrous Thieves hurriedly forced their Fate Souls out of their bodies!

Kai put away the three’s fate souls and with a flick of his palm, the cloths covering the three’s faces all flew out!

“From now on, follow me, don’t do anything that steals chickens and dogs, anything you need, you can tell me ……”

Kai said to the three!

“Good, from now on you will be our boss, we all listen to you.”

The boss of the three monstrous thieves hurriedly said!

But just as he finished speaking, his stomach unexpectedly rumbled, it was obvious that the three of them hadn’t eaten yet!

So Kai took them and found a luxurious tavern to have a feast!

After all, the Jade Tripod Sect was very famous in the area, and Liu Ruyan was the head of the Jade Tripod Sect, which made the three thieves feel lucky to have found such a big backer!

After they had had their fill of wine and food, Kai and the others headed towards the airships in the central square, the time for them to take off was approaching!

Since they had accepted Kai as their boss, the three thieves followed them to Jialing County, after all, a few more tickets wouldn’t cost much!

This money is just a hair’s breadth to Liu Ruyan ……

The Third Elder and the Yih Demon Emperor had been waiting in the airship for a long time, and when they saw that Kai and Liu Ruyan had returned, they hurriedly greeted them, but when they saw the Three Monstrous Thieves, they were all stunned!

Kai hurriedly introduced them, and then the Third Elder bought tickets for the Three Monstrous Thieves, and they all boarded the dirigible!

The airship was particularly huge, a hundred metres long, and the interior was very spacious and comfortable!

After all, the Flying Heavenly Clan relies on the airships to earn money in exchange for resources, so of course they have to do their best!

It should be the first time for the three monstrous thieves to ride in an airship, and they looked a bit excited, while Kai had a gloomy face, because he had been thinking about how to save those three pterodactyls!

Seeing Kai’s expression, Emperor Yih knew what Kai was thinking, so he said softly, “Mr. Chen, this is in the Flying Sky Sect, if you want to save the three pterodactyls here, it will be very difficult, you can choose to save the pterodactyls halfway down!”

“Only, the passengers on the dirigible will have a lot of opinions, maybe someone will even take action against you!”


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