A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2757

Immediately outside the formation cage, the bodies of the three men reappeared!

And at that moment, Kai’s formation cage was still there and had not been destroyed!

This made Kai feel a little surprised, his own formation cage had not been damaged, but these three guys had actually escaped!

This was a bit too amazing!

“Hahahaha, if you don’t have some real skills, do you think we dare to stop the road and rob?”

The boss of the Three Monstrous Thieves laughed out loud!

As Kai looked at the three guys in front of him, he became curious about the feats of these three, and he was curious to know how these three guys had managed to escape from inside without breaking their own formation!

Kai looked at the rampant three guys, then flipped his palm, and at once the ground trembled, and a pattern of light instantly gushed out from the ground, enveloping the three guys in it!

Immediately afterwards, Kai punched in a ray of spiritual energy into this formation.

“Hahahaha …… still coming up with this?”

The boss of the three monstrous thieves burst out laughing when he saw that Kai had even cast a confinement formation, trying to trap them!

But Kai ignored it, and a flame began to slowly dance on his fingertips1

Kai tossed the flame on his fingertip towards the formation!


The formation instantly trembled, followed by a flame burning above the formation, and the three monstrous thieves were all surrounded by scorching flames!

“Trying to burn us to death? You’re thinking too easy ……”

The three monstrous thieves’ second laughed disdainfully, followed by a whirlwind of aura waving out from his palm, he intended to use the whirlwind to blow out the flames!

But when the whirlwind blew up, the flames didn’t go out, but instead they grew even more vigorous!

At this moment, the three monstrous thieves all panicked and shouted!

The three of them scrambled to cast their spells, but they couldn’t escape from the formation!

“What the hell is this flame? Why is it so fierce?”

The boss of the three monstrous thieves said in shock!

“It seems like you guys aren’t that great either.”

“I can’t believe you don’t even know the Demon Tribe to Fire.”

Kai looked at the screaming trio and laughed disdainfully!

“Demon Race Supreme Fire?”

The three people were startled at the same time “Are you a demon cultivator?”

“Could it be that only devil cultivators can possess devilish supreme fire? How f*cking insightless ……”

Kai cursed!

The three men didn’t dare to retort, feeling the scorching heat of the surrounding supreme fire, the three men finally wimped out!

“Forgive me, please forgive me, the three of us are willing to work as cattle and horses, please spare our lives!”

“The three of us have only robbed for money, we have never hurt anyone’s life.”

The three thieves were desperately begging for mercy!

They didn’t want to be killed, and now that the formation was surrounded by to fire, there was no way for the three of them to escape from it!

“Are you three truly for my use?”

Kai asked!

“Sincerely, we are all sincere ……”

The Three Monsters said in a rush!

“Okay, I’ll believe you guys for now, if I find out you cheat me, I’ll make your lives worse than death!”

Kai finished speaking and with a flick of his palm, the flames instantly went out!

The moment the flames went out, the Three Monstrous Thieves hurriedly struck the formation with a purple light, and the three of their bodies disappeared from the formation and appeared outside of it!

The three men were sweating profusely, the look of shock on their faces still not dissipated!

“Thank you for not killing me, Grand Master!”

The boss of the three monstrous thieves, hurriedly knelt down to Kai to thank him!

The other two followed suit, kneeling down and thanking each other!

“I spared you all because you might still be useful, if you are useless when I use you, then you should know what happens to a useless person!”

Kai said coldly!

“Understood, we understand, as long as we are used, the three of us will not hesitate to do so!”

The Three Monsters said hurriedly!


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