A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2755

After hearing this, Kai’s brow instantly furrowed, it seemed that in this Celestial Realm, the human race as well as the beast race were all the same, doing whatever they could for their own benefit, there was no such thing as a fellow race in their eyes!

Although Kai had never met his father, he knew that he had the blood of the dragon race in his body!

Although these three pterodactyls were not pure dragons, they were still dragons, and Kai could not just ignore them!

“Well, there’s still a bit of time before we leave, let’s go for a spin first ……”

Liu Ruyan said!

After all, for women, the thing they like the most is shopping, whether in the secular world or the celestial realm, the common problem of all women is that they like to shop, although Liu Ruyan was the Patriarch of the Jade Tripod Sect, but she was no exception!

Kai and his group strolled around the Flying Sky Sect, there were quite a few stalls here, all selling some pills, beast pills, medicinal herbs, and some runes!

After all, many cultivators didn’t understand the art of runes, so some of the usual sound transmission jade slips, fire escape talismans and water escape talismans were sold directly, after all, such simple talismans could be drawn by talisman masters!

“Kai, what herbs you fancy, just buy them, I’ll pay for you ……”

Liu Ruyan said to Kai!

After all, as the Patriarch of the Jade Tripod Sect, Liu Ruyan was still very rich, not to mention that the Jade Tripod Sect had many disciples practicing medicine outside, and a portion of the spirit coins earned was also paid to the Jade Tripod Sect!

“Are you asking me to eat soft food?”

Kai said with a smile at Liu Ruyan!

“What? Does soft rice not smell good? You don’t want to eat it?” Liu Ruyan glanced at Kai with her charming eyes and said!

“I would like to eat soft rice, but there are still many things waiting for me to do, there is no way to eat soft rice!”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“Mr. Chen, I do have some spirit coins here, so you can buy whatever you need.”

The Ikh Demon Emperor whispered to Kai!

As the Demon Emperor of Demon Emperor City, Ikh Demon Emperor’s wealth was also immeasurable, although Ikh Demon Emperor had escaped from Demon Emperor City, however, in Ikh Demon Emperor’s storage pouch, there were quite a lot of spirit coins!

“Just take a look, it’s not necessarily to buy something!”

Kai actually swept a few glances at the two measured stalls, and there was nothing of value!

Liu Ruyan was different, she felt curious about everything she saw, after all she had been in a coma inside the secret cave for so many years, she hadn’t seen many things!

So Liu Ruyan bought a lot of things, while Kai became the one carrying the bags!

The Third Elder called for the Ichthus Demon Emperor to leave, he was deliberately creating a world of two for Kai and Liu Ruyan!

Liu Ruyan’s unrestrained spending had also caught the attention of three people who had been quietly following Kai and Liu Ruyan!

Although Liu Ruyan didn’t notice, Kai had already found out!

“Are you ready yet? We’re going to a Pill Master’s meeting, not a tour, and you’ve actually bought so many things ……”

Kai was speechless for a while!

If Kai didn’t have a storage ring, with so many things, Kai wouldn’t know where to put them!

“You men are like that, when you go shopping, you rush ……”

Liu Ruyan pouted, like a little woman, discontented!

Looking at Liu Ruyan’s little womanly look, Kai was surprisingly in a trance, Kai hurriedly shook his head to clear his head!

“We’d better go, let’s not get delayed later!”

Kai actually wanted to find a way to save the three-headed pterodactyl before he set off!

But Kai knew that blatantly going to save the pterodactyl down would obviously not work, and since that Flying Sky Sect dared to fix the three pterodactyl and the airship in the middle of the square, then they were definitely not afraid of others thinking about it!

“Alright, let’s go ……”

Liu Ruyan could only reluctantly follow Kai backwards!


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