A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2754

Day 2!

Kai took the Ichthus Demon Emperor with him and set off along with Ruyan Liu and the Third Elder!

“Nie Heng, during my absence, you have to keep an eye on the Jade Tripod Sect, nothing should go wrong.”

Ruyan Liu barked at Nie Heng!

“Patriarch, please don’t worry, I will look after the Jade Tripod Sect.”

Nie Heng nodded his head!

Seeing this, Liu Ruyan smiled in satisfaction, then led Kai and the others to the Flying Sky Sect!

Kai took Yih Demon Emperor with him, then the group sped off, and in only half a day, they arrived at the Flying Sky Sect!

As Kai looked at the wide city walls in front of him, as well as the city that covered an enormous area, Kai could not believe that this was actually a clan?

This was clearly a city, how could it be any Flying Heaven Sect?

Only above the entrance of the city, there were the three words of the Flying Heaven Sect written!

This was what compelled Kai to believe that it was the Flying Heaven Sect that they had come to!

“Mr. Chen, this Flying Heaven Sect can not only operate the airship business, but also do all kinds of business, especially during this time, because the Pill Master Meeting is about to open, so many people come back here to take the airships!”

“So now this is the busiest time here, and there are the most people selling things.”

“Maybe we’ll be able to get all the herbs you need here!”

The Third Elder said to Kai!

“Alright, let’s go in!”

With a wave of Liu Ruyan’s hand, the group walked into the Flying Sky Sect!

Once inside, there were hawkers everywhere, and in the centre of the Flying Sky Sect, a dirigible that was hundreds of metres long was parked there!

It was Kai’s first time seeing an airship and he felt a little curious, but when he saw the three large pterodactyls in front of the airship, they were chained to the airship with thick iron chains, and these pterodactyls had formation patterns flowing on their bodies, so they were obviously controlled by a formation!

Although he had heard of human airships, he had never thought that this airship was being dragged by three winged dragons!

The three-headed pterodactyl was originally resting on its back on the ground, and it didn’t seem strange that many people passed in front of them, people coming and going!

After Kai approached, the three resting pterosaurs all opened their eyes together, and after looking up at Kai, the three pterosaurs slumped down again!

“Is this dirigible driven by these three pterosaurs?”

Kai asked as he looked towards Liu Ruyan!

“Of course, if it doesn’t rely on the pterodactyls, does it still rely on human power?”

“But there are also formations laid on this dirigible, so filling it with people will also make this dirigible light as a feather and can fly very fast!”

Liu Ruyan explained!

Once Kai heard this, he said nothing more, after all, this was the Celestial Realm, unlike the planes in the mundane world, which could have engines to drive them and could be refilled with aviation fuel!

Where could one find an engine in the Celestial Realm?

In fact, Kai should have thought of it from the beginning, except that using a three-headed pterodactyl to drive a dirigible was odd enough!

“Ich, which beast king of your beast race do these three pterodactyls belong to?”

Kai wanted to ask just who exactly were the three emperors and four kings of the beast race who had a demonic beast like a pterodactyl under their hands!

“Mr. Chen, although this winged dragon is also a beast race, it does not come under the jurisdiction of our three emperors and four kings, they belong to the dragon race and form a single lineage.”

“Although this winged dragon is not considered a pure dragon bloodline, it is still considered a lineage of dragons, and we have no right to control it.”

“Looking at the situation of these three winged dragons, it is likely that they were captured by other beast kings and then sold to this Flying Sky Clan. Many beast kings capture some demonic beasts that do not fall under their jurisdiction and then sell them to the human race, this is also a very common thing!”

Yih said in a small voice after Kai!


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