A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2753

“Does it need to be so many days in advance? Isn’t there a teleportation array if it’s far away?”

Kai was aware that there were teleportation arrays that existed in the Celestial Realm.

After Kai finished his words, Liu Ruyan and the Third Elder all looked at Kai as if he was a fool.

“Mr. Chen, don’t you know that that teleportation array doesn’t just teleport to any place.”

“Even if we have a teleportation formation here that teleports to Jialing County, but the resources needed to activate it once are terrifying, and no one would use it if there wasn’t an urgent matter.”

The Third Elder followed Kai and said!

When Kai heard this, he instantly laughed somewhat awkwardly, and then asked “So we’ll just walk there on two legs?” www.linshuge.com

Although Kai and the others are now strong enough to fly with their swords, but consuming a lot of spiritual energy just to hurry up and fly with their swords is somewhat more than worth the cost!

One must know that along with the rise of the realm, everyone’s cultivation was becoming more and more difficult and consumed more and more resources, this imperial sword flight of two thousand kilometres, even if they could fly to it, it was estimated that their physical strength would be exhausted by the time they arrived!

“That’s not true, not far from our Jade Tripod Sect is the Flying Sky Sect, there are many airships there, we can make a dirigible to get there.”

Liu Ruyan said!

“Airships?” Kai was astonished, he still didn’t know, how could there be such things in the Celestial Realm?

Airships, shouldn’t they be something from the secular realm?

I’m afraid that even the secular world didn’t have airships anymore, they were all civil aeroplanes and the like!

“Right, this Flying Sky Sect is relying on airships to earn money and then develop, as long as each of us pays a certain amount of spirit coins, we can take a ride on an airship.”

“Except that this airship is expensive to build, so the distance is too short, there is no airship to ride, you can only walk by yourself.”

“Like when we go to Jialing County, a distance of two thousand kilometres, there are actually no airships either, except that because of this pill refining meeting, every time during this period, the Flying Heaven Sect will open two airships to Jialing County.”

Liu Ruyan followed Kai and explained!

“I see, this is like aeroplane flights, right?”

Kai understood that this airship was no different from the planes of the mundane world, I’m afraid!

There were no flights for planes over short distances either, so you couldn’t just let the plane take off and land, right?

“Airplane flights? What is that thing?”

Liu Ruyan looked at Kai with a puzzled expression!

“Oh, nothing, I understand, then I’ll prepare, we’ll leave tomorrow!”

Kai turned around and went back to his room, telling the Ichthus Demon Emperor to prepare as well, and to accompany him then, maybe when we get to Jialing County, we’ll be able to find a cure for the Ichthus Demon Emperor!

Just as Kai and the others were heading to the Pill Master’s Guild, Princess Isha was being escorted by two attendants, constantly dodging the pursuit of the Huben faction!

“Princess Isha, let’s change direction, I’ve noticed that our whereabouts, have been exposed.”

One of the attendants said!

“We can’t change, I’m going to the Jade Tripod Sect, I’m going to find Kai, even if I die, I’ll die in his arms ……”

Princess Isha said with a firm look in her eyes!

But just as Princess Isha finished her words, a breath behind her arrived in an instant!

Princess Isha and her two attendants’ faces changed.

“Princess, run, we’ll buy some time for you ……”

The two attendants, not expecting the pursuers to come so quickly, told Princess Isha to run quickly!

Princess Isha looked at her attendants twice, although there was reluctance in her eyes, but there was nothing else she could do, she knew that these two attendants could not live!

Princess Isha gritted her teeth and ran desperately towards the front, but because of the suppressed strength in her body, Princess Isha did not run very fast!

She didn’t get very far before she heard the sound of weapons clashing behind her, followed by the sound of screams!

But Princess Isha didn’t dare to stop, she continued to run as fast as she could!


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