A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2751

As Kai led the Ikh Demon Emperor into the room, Liu Ruyan was somewhat dumbfounded, not understanding what the Ikh Demon Emperor was suddenly doing in their Yuding Clan!

And it looked like he was very familiar with Kai!

The Third Elder explained after Liu Ruyan, and Liu Ruyan was immediately shocked!

She didn’t expect that a place like Demon Emperor City would have a rebellion, she had thought that only small sects like the Jade Tripod Sect would have their disciples rebel!

At this moment in the room, Kai was examining the body of Demon Emperor Yih! m.fengshuge.com

A stream of spiritual energy swam through the body of the Ikh Demon Emperor, but Kai did not find the slightest abnormality!

“Strange, since you’re poisoned and the strength in your body is suppressed, how come I can’t detect it at all?”

Kai said with a frown!

“This is a poison unique to Ming Li King City, I’ve also heard of it, this poison is colourless and tasteless, it can make people unknowingly, have their strength suppressed!”

“And this poison has another characteristic, that is, after being poisoned, no one else can detect it, and it requires an antidote unique to Ming Li King City to do so!”

Yih Demon Emperor said to Kai!

“This Ming Li King City, there is even this powerful poison, I still don’t believe that I can’t find out ……”

Kai gently pressed on Yih’s Demon Emperor’s wrist and began probing once again!

Just as Kai was probing for the Yih Demon Emperor, the voice of Ochre Yan suddenly came to mind in Kai’s mind!

“Mr. Chen, I know this poison from Ming Li King City, this poison is not even close in the body, this poison erodes the sea of consciousness, you can enter the other party’s sea of consciousness to check ……”

Ochre Yan said to Kai!

As soon as Kai heard this, he then withdrew his spiritual power, followed by his huge divine sense emanating out, and then enveloped the Yih Demon Emperor!

A strand of divine consciousness entered the Ichthus Demon Emperor’s sea of consciousness, and Kai indeed found that the Ichthus Demon Emperor’s sea of consciousness had been destroyed by erosion!

Although the Ikh Demon Emperor was clearly conscious and had no problems with his logic of thought, whether he was using his spiritual power or exploding the power of the beasts in his body, he needed the guidance of his divine sense!

That is to say, it takes a single thought to be able to move with the mind ……

“How did you know about this poison in Ming Li Wangcheng?”

Kai asked with great curiosity!

“I’m not going to hide it from Mr. Chen, back then, in my Demon Clan lineage, many people were killed by this Knight King, and many of them were highly powerful seniors, and they all fell at the hands of this poison of the Knight King!”

“Back then, this Knight King, deceived us demon cultivators by giving us safe shelter and helping us to defend ourselves against the human race’s pursuit.”

“Many devil cultivators, after learning of this, have defected to this Knight King, but they didn’t want to end up being poisoned by this Knight King with his poison, and were all brutally killed!”

Ochre Yan was clearly very angry as he spoke of this!

“This fellow, why would he do this?” Kai was very puzzled!

If this Knight King wanted to kill the devils, then he would just be like the other sects and just go after the devil cultivators, why did he still deceive so many of them?

“This Knight King is just trying to learn the mastery among our several great demon clans, and I wonder if he had learned the mastery of the demon clans after killing so many demon cultivators back then!”

Ochre Amazing explained!

After hearing this, Kai could not help but feel even more disgraceful towards what King Li had done!

The conversation between Kai and Ochre Yan in the sea of consciousness could not be heard by the Ichthus Demon Emperor.

“I have already found out, this poison is eroding your consciousness, but because this poison is very targeted, so your thinking and consciousness, no effect at all, so no one would think that this poison will hurt their own divine sense!”

Kai said!

As soon as Yih Demon Emperor heard that, his heart was immediately happy and said “Since Mr. Chen has found out, is it possible to cure the poison?”


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