A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2750

Just as Kai was following the Third Elder and chatting, a disciple of the Jade Tripod Sect suddenly came running in a hurry!

“Stop, what’s all the hurry?”

The Third Elder stopped then disciple and asked!

“Third Elder, there’s someone outside asking to see the Patriarch, I’ll go and report it!”

That disciple said!

“Who is it? It’s making you so anxious.”

The Third Elder asked unhappily!

“He said that he is the Demon Emperor of Demon Emperor City and came over to look for Mr. Chen ……”

The disciple said!

“Ih Demon Emperor?” Kai was instantly stunned!

He didn’t understand, what was the Ikh Demon Emperor doing here in the Jade Tripod Sect looking for him?

Could it be that something had happened in Demon Emperor City?

“Where is the person?” Kai asked hurriedly!

“Right at the entrance, I don’t recognize them either, so I rushed to report to Sovereign!”

Because this disciple didn’t know the Ichthus Demon Emperor, that’s why he came in a hurry!

After all, the Ikh Demon Emperor’s fame was as well-known as thunder in this area!

If it was really the Ikh Demon Emperor who had come to the Jade Tripod Sect, then they wouldn’t dare to be too slow!

As soon as Kai heard that the person was at the door, he hurriedly ran towards the door, while the Third Elder saw this and followed closely behind!

When Kai ran to the door, he saw the Ikh Demon Emperor walking back and forth at the entrance of the Jade Tripod Sect from afar, seemingly in a great hurry!

And standing beside the Ikh Demon Emperor was surprisingly Lang Feng!

One must know that Lang Feng was the one in charge of the demon wolf pack outside Demon Emperor City, and normally rarely entered Demon Emperor City without a summons!

Now that it was Lang Feng standing beside the Demon Emperor, this gave Kai a bad feeling in his heart!

And when the Ikh Demon Emperor saw Kai appear, he was overjoyed and ran straight towards him, only just before he was about to enter, he was stopped by the disciples guarding the entrance!

“Let him in ……”

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly shouted out!

When the disciples guarding the door saw that it was Kai who spoke, they all retreated to the side. Within the Jade Tripod Sect, although Kai had no position, those disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect all treated Kai with respect and obeyed him!

They knew that without Kai, they would have been dead and the Jade Tripod Sect would have been destroyed!

“Mr. Chen …………”

After seeing Kai, the Ichthus Demon Emperor actually had hot tears in his eyes!

“Ich, did something happen?”

Kai asked!

The Ikh Demon Emperor looked around, wanting to speak but not to!

“It’s alright, just say what you have to say, Third Elder is not an outsider!”

Kai said!

Demon Emperor Yih nodded and then told the story about Huben colluding with Li Xing and then poisoning him and Isha to take over Demon Emperor City!

When Kai heard this, a thick murderous aura filled his body!

Especially when he heard that Isha was actually still in Huben’s hands, it made Kai very worried!

“Two damned guys ……”

Kai gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with a cold aura, and then turned to the Ichthus Demon Emperor and said “I’ll show you what kind of poison you’ve been poisoned with first, it’s so powerful!”

Ihe Demon Emperor nodded, then followed Kai towards the interior of the Jade Tripod Sect!

“Demon Emperor, you have arrived at the place, so I will go back, I will poke around for the princess by the way!”

Lang Feng said to Demon Emperor Yih!

“Good, you pay more attention to safety ……”

Ikh Demon Emperor admonished!

Lang Feng nodded and after following Kai’s goodbye, he turned around and left!

And Kai led the Ichthus Demon Emperor to his quarters!

Just then, Liu Ruyan also walked out of the Great Hall, and when she saw Kai with a stranger, Liu Ruyan just stared!

Emperor Yih’s demon looked at Liu Ruyan, who was also very unfamiliar!

“Miss Liu, this is Demon Emperor Yih of Demon Emperor City.”

“This is the current Jade Tripod Sect Patriarch, Liu Ruyan!”

Kai introduced each other!

“Yih Demon Emperor, welcome to our Jade Tripod Sect!”

Seeing this, Liu Ruyan rushed forward to greet him!

Demon Emperor Yih greeted Liu Ruyan as well!


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